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The Word: The Brett Favre Factor

August 20, 2008

The Word is back for this week. Here we are going to go over Brett Favre and his Fantasy Football value, and also give you some questions about Fantasy Draft Prospects.

A lot of people when they saw that Brett Favre was coming back to the NFL rushed to come put him on their Fantasy Football Teams. Some put him as a backup, some a starter. The people who put him as a starter were complete idiots. Let me explain why:

Brett Favre will go down as one of the best QB’s of all time. But if you remember correctly he was not so hot before last season for about two years. He had both of his QB ratings in the 70’s until he rocked it out last year. If he had not had that amazing season he did last year than nobody would want him as much.

Favre was not that big of a Fantasy value before last year and with the Madden Curse on his shoulders as well he could be in trouble. You also should consider that he does not have as many solid receiving options as he did last year with the Packers. So put the ends together and you should know that he will not be a Fantasy Star.

So what should you do with him? Keep him as a backup. Maybe I will be wrong and he will go out with a bang. Then at least you will have him and can use him just in case he does an amazing job as the Jets new Quarterback.

Javon Walker: Can he stay healthy? If he can then put him on your fantasy team and he could be great. But if not he should not be on your team period.

Tom Brady: Can he follow up last years performance? Know that he will not be as good but he will still at least play at a high starting level in Fantasy Football.

J.T O’Sullivan: Should he be drafted? No. Sweet and simple.

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  1. August 20, 2008 2:46 PM

    Even if Javon stays healthy, he won’t last in Oakland. Tom will be good, but not like last year. What ding-bat came up with J.T O’Sullivan!! Is he even gonna start? Crazy.

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