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Bad News For Nalen

August 20, 2008

I think that it might be time for the final member of the Broncos last Super Bowl team to retire. That would be Tom Nalen who got bad news this morning about his right knee. 

Tom Nalen will undergo arthroscopic knee surgery for the second time in two months. Nalen is expected to miss the rest of the preseason after actually coming back to practice a few days ago. 

Mike Shanahan I think is blowing smoke as he said at first that the injury Nalen faced was nothing serious and now is going on to say this: 

“What we are going to do is have Tom get his knee cleaned up a little bit — more preventative than anything else,” Shanahan said. “It hasn’t healed the way we would have liked. Hopefully it’s nothing serious and can alleviate some of the swelling and the pain and hopefully he is ready to go by the first game.”

Nonsense utter nonsense. The man is going through his second surgery in a month. That is nothing to just say is no big deal. It takes time to recover from a surgery such as the one he is facing. I’m no doctor but I even know that.

I like how Wiegmann has looked and I feel that it might be time to move on from Tom no matter how much it may hurt us. We will see how it pans out. Maybe he will feel fine and we can put him back in the lineup. If so then we should give him a chance. Until then good luck Tommy. 


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