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Free Agent Tracker 2010

March 8th, 7:10 pm: Michael Lombardi just reported on NFL Network that the Broncos will have Patriots Tight End Ben Watson in Denver today. This is likely the writing on the wall for Tony Scheffler, if it wasn’t already there.

March 8th, 6:02: Jarvis Green will also be visiting the Broncos tonight. He will continue it in the morning also. Read more here.

March 8th, 5:28 pm: Jamal Williams will be visiting Denver for a physical today, and he will talk with team staff.

March 8th, 9:40 am: Center Rex Hadnot and Defensive End Dwan Edwards are reportedly not likely to sign with the Broncos. It’s right now rumored in some league circles that Hadnot was asking for a ridiculous amount of money.

March 7th, 6:26 pm: The Cincinnati Bengals are contemplating whether to pursue Broncos Receiver Brandon Marshall according to Adam Schefter. Read more here.

March 7th, 3:30 pm: Tony Pashos has officially signed with the Cleveland Browns.

March 7th, 2:05 pm: The Broncos are not taking trade calls for WR Brandon Marshall right now, and want a first round pick for his services. Read more here.

March 6th, 8:00 pm: Contrary to previous reports, PFT is saying it isn’t actually a done deal for Tony Pashos. He has left D.C without a deal and is now headed to Cleveland to meet with the Browns.

March 6th, 7:30: It doesn’t look like Tony Pashos will ever meet with the Broncos. Rick Maese is reporting that he has signed with the Redskins. Scratch him off of the list of potential signings for Denver.

March 6th, 6:47  pm: Tony Pashoss’ visit has been delayed to another time after negotiations have been “bogged down”. Read more here.

March 6th, 4:40 pm: Josina Anderson is reporting that Center Rex Hadnot has left Denver without signing a deal with them. We are not sure of any other teams after him, but this is not good news at first glance.

March 6th, 1:52 pm: Adam Schefter confirmed the notion that just because Marshall is visiting the Seahawks, a deal is not imminent and the Seahawks are not expected to sign an offer sheet while he is there. Read more here.

March 6th, 11:28 am: Rotoworld is reporting that Jets Linebacker Marques Murrell will be hosted by the Broncos today. Murrell went undrafted in 2007, but appeared in 26 games since then.

March 6th, 11:11 am: Dwan Edwards is wrapping up his visit with the Seahawks and then will be flying back to Denver again.

March 5th, 9:10 pm: Frank Schwab is reporting that the Broncos have officially signed Cornerback Nate Jones. Read more here.

March 5th, 8:36 pm: FOX31’s Josina Anderson is reporting that Center Rex Hadnot is currently in Denver. We’re speculating this is to close the deal.

March 5th, 8:02 pm: Dwan Edwards just left Denver and is headed to meet with the Seattle Seahawks. We’re not sure how the meeting went, but it’s cause for concern that he didn’t immediately sign, and we won’t be the team to have the final word.

March 5th, 6:53 pm: The Broncos have agreed on a 5 year deal with Justin Bannan. More details coming later when I get home. Read more here.

March 5th, 5:31 pm: Aaron Wilson is reporting that Rex Hadnot and the Broncos are close to agreeing on terms. He said that no deal is definite but that momentum is being generated towards him being a Bronco.

March 5th, 5:22 pm: It is looking like the Broncos might be angling with some other teams to get a few second and fourth rounders in exchange for Marshall rather than a first, which they would receive if the Seahawks give Marshall an offer sheet, the Broncos don’t match.

March 5th, 4:33 pm: Jarvis Green of the New England Patriots is reportedly drawing interest from the Denver Broncos (via Tom Curran). Read more here.

March 5th, 4:20 pm: Now multiple teams are inquiring on the status of Brandon Marshall before he meets with the Seahawks tomorrow, trying to trade for him, before the Seahawks try to give him a big time offer.

March 5th, 2:57 pm: Brandon Marshall will visit the Seattle Seahawks tomorrow to hammer out an offer sheet. Read more here.

March 5th, 2:28 pm: Adam Schefter is reporting that the Seattle Seahawks are seriously considering signing Brandon Marshall to an offer sheet and giving away the 6th overall pick in the NFL Draft.

March 5th, 2:01 pm: Broncos Left Guard Ben Hamilton is currently in discussions with the Seattle Seahawks to sign with them next season.

March 5th, 12:15 pm: Center Kevin Mawae is considering the Broncos as a potential landing spot for next season according to the National Football Post. Read more here.

March 5th, 12:05 pm: It is announced officially that OL Ross Hochstein and WR Brandon Lloyd have resigned with the Broncos. Read more here.

March 5th, 11:15 am: OL Ross Hochstein and WR Brandon Lloyd have agreed in principle to resign with the Broncos.

March 5th, 1:30 am: The Broncos have confirmed that both Cornerback Nathan Jones, and Offensive Tackle Tony Pashos will be visiting the Broncos today.

March 5th, 1:13 am: Eagles Defensive End Jason Babin is on the Broncos radar, yes. But it looks like the Redskins may have the upper hand for him. They are reportedly entering discussions with him via Rick Maese of the Washington Post.

March 5th, 12:56 am: Defensive Linemen Justin Bannan, Dwan Edwards and Jason Babin are all on the Broncos radar according to Aaron Wilson of Ravens Insider. Read more here.

March 5th, 12:40 am: Fox 31’s Josina Anderson is reporting that the Broncos have shown interest in adding Browns Center Rex Hadnot to the team. Read more here.

March 4th, 10:17 pm: It has been announced Quarterback Jake Delhomme will be released by the Carolina Panthers as early as tomorrow morning, could he be a potential pick up by the Broncos to play backup QB? Chris Simms certainly hasn’t been getting it done.

March 4th, 8:00 pm: J.J Arrington will sign with Denver Broncos the night before unrestricted Free Agency officially opens. Read more here.

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