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Broncos Mini-Camp Underway…

May 2, 2010

So I took a week off from the site, a little bit of football cleansing you could say, and I let the entire draft sink in on me. My opinions haven’t changed too much. (Whenever I see a picture of Tim Tebow in a Broncos jersey though, I still get really excited.) I think that the Broncos might be on the right track.

With that said, the Broncos rookie mini-camp has begun, and 29 players are there. They include our nine draft picks, our 19 un-drafted free agents, and two veteran wide receivers that are trying out with the team. The goal of the mini-camp is to prepare for the season, both mentally and physically while trying to impress coaches in a quest to receive a roster spot this season. There will also be terminology lessons, and introductions to strength and conditioning training.

“It’s orientation – that’s what we really call it. We want them to get familiar with the way we do things, our program here, all the people in the building here. Now they know our cafeteria, our training room and our equipment managers. Right now they’re getting their first workout in with our strength and conditioning people. It’s really more trying to get their feet wet so when they come back it’s not a hundred things different. Hopefully they leave here and kind of know all those things and have that under their belt so when they come back we can be solely focused on football,” McDaniels said on the camp.

While that is the point, there is no doubt that McDaniels will be getting down to work early with Tim Tebow. When reporters were let in for 25 minutes of the practice, Tebow ran agility drills and threw passes under the tutelage of brothers Josh and Ben McDaniels. He threw without the windup he used in college, and his throws were reportedly “tight and compact.”

While Tebow did run drills, both drafted receivers, Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker sat out of drills. They are still recovering from injuries, but are expected to be at full speed by training camp and hope to get healthy very soon.

Coach McDaniels when asked about the injuries, said this: “We’re not going to rush anything. They’re pretty much going out and if not, we’re not going to be worried about that…We’d rather that they be fully healthy and ready to compete than mostly healthy and thrown out there.”

It’s exciting to see the players being emerged in the system early, and I can’t wait to see what they can bring during our summer training camp.

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