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Broncos Sign 13 Undrafted Free Agents, More To Come

April 25, 2010

Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels loves his undrafted free agents, that is for sure. Since the end of the NFL Draft yesterday, the Denver Broncos have signed 13 undrafted free agents.

The list goes as follows: WR – Alric Arnett (WVU)RB – Chris Brown (Oklahoma), DT – Jaron Baston (Mizzou), TE – Nathan Overbay (Eastern Washington), TE – Michael Palmer (Clemson), OT – Chris Marinelli (Stanford), S – Marcellus Bowman (Boston College), G – Michael Shumard (Texas A&M), TE – Riar Geer (Colorado), CB – Cassius Vaughn (Ole Miss), RB – Toney Baker (NC State), S – Kyle McCarthy (Notre Dame), OLB – Kevin Alexander (Clemson).

The highlights of the group would be Tight End Riar Geer, who attended Colorado University, and Halfback Toney Backer who was a standout at NC State, as he rushed for 770 yards and 6 touchdowns in his senior season.

The shocker? There could be up to seven more coming. Josh McDaniels said in his press conference yesterday that he would like to sign up to 20 undrafted free agents. I’m hearing that Kentucky Linebacker Micah Johnson has not been signed yet, so he could be someone to watch out for. We’ll keep you updated as the list goes on…

UPDATE: WR – Patrick Honeycutt (Middle Tenn. State), DE – Ben Garland (Air Force) and OL – Paul Duncan (Notre Dame) have all signed with the team.

  1. altpwrserv permalink
    April 25, 2010 12:09 PM

    Mc D should look for a kicker from a rugby, soccer, football league somewhere that can take advantage of the thin air at mile high. Someone that can kick the ball out of the endzone every single time PERIOD! A touchback every single kick off at home would be killer. Think about the raiders beating us at home 20-19. Go back and look at how Janikowski nullified our return game….gave em a one point edge at the end, and im not saying that is the sole reason why we lost….but field position can make the difference sometimes. I’d give a kicker a contract for 8 games if he could give us a touchback everytime at home…. it would be worth it and our special teamers woudnt have to break a sweat on kickoffs. wouldnt have to worry about ZERO runbacks, no injuries. Just one powerful kicker instead of all these 13+ clowns!…..sheeesh!

    • April 25, 2010 1:55 PM

      not a bad idea, but much easier said than done. besides, Matt Prater has a very strong leg, that has gotten us more touchbacks than we did under Elam.

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