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Broncos Draft Day 3: Guess Who’s Sleeping?

April 25, 2010

I got a question in an email last night, asking why it seems the Broncos have put so much effort in getting late round picks. To sum it up, every single team, including the Broncos, are looking for their great sleeper. Coaches from the Belichick tree, like McDaniels, are even more applicable to this statement. There may be no greater joy for them than drafting someone they think is a sleeper.

Every year, there are one or two players that have great success that were drafted in the 5th-to 7th rounds. Now success is relative. There are players who do a good job and have success, but that doesn’t mean they are the kind of sleeper Tom Brady was. Ahmad Bradshaw in 2007 for instance was only a seventh round pick, and he averaged 8.3 yards a carry for the Giants.

Every single team in the NFL is looking for that kind of a sleeper. Hence, why the Broncos had more picks on day 3 than any other day.

The Broncos had some very solid pickups yesterday. Getting Perrish Cox this late in the draft was highway robbery! He was ranked as one of my top 5 cornerbacks in the draft, and lasted until the 5th round. The Broncos should be very happy with that pick. He may take a few years to have an impact, but he has lots of potential.

Eric Olsen was also a good value. I had him projected in the 4th round, so picking him up in the 6th round was a good decision. Like Zane Beadles, who we drafted in the second round, he has the ability to play more than one position on the offensive line. We all know that McDaniels values this kind of versatility, so he is a good fit for the team. If his technique gets refined, he could be effective in the future.

As for our seventh round picks, they were pretty solid picks. Syd’Quan Thomas was also a steal, but because of his lack of athletic ability, he probably was drafted at about the right spot. I’m sorry, but being short and slow is not a good combination for a Cornerback in the NFL. I will say this though, his instincts are very good and worth drafting.

Jammie Kirlew has been quite the overachiever, but that is about all he is. An overachiever. He is not fast enough to be a hybrid linebacker and too slow to be a defensive end. His upside is very limited, so I don’t see why we didn’t just let him go undrafted, and pick him up there. It would have surprised me had anyone else drafted him, but maybe Bob Martindale sees something in him, I don’t.

If I had to guess who our sleeper was, I would have to say Perrish Cox. If it wasn’t for a few character problems, and a slow 40 yard dash time, he probably would have been gone on day 2. His zone coverage should be an asset for the Broncos.

Overall, day 3 was a good way to cap off a very good draft for the Broncos. I’m already psyched for training camp.

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    I cna’t read oncomadness.ocm in IE 7.8, I jjst thouhgt I might lte you kjow.

    • May 3, 2010 5:12 AM

      you should still be able to.
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