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Denver Caps Off Draft w/ 2 Picks, Signing.

April 24, 2010

Everyone jumped the gun a little bit on the Broncos draft day being over. I mean, Josh McDaniels had already scheduled a post-draft press conference during the draft. We had no picks left, and did not have any extra ammo from next years draft lying around. It had to be over, right? Not so fast my friends…

The Broncos traded a 5th round pick from next year, to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in exchange for their 225th and 232nd picks in the 2010 NFL Draft. The picks were spent on two players, #225 on Cal cornerback Syd’Quan Thompson, and #232 spent on Jammie Kirlew, a hybrid Linebacker from Indiana. It was common consensus that the two would go un-drafted but the Broncos wanted to make sure they got these players, despite the high cost.

Both seem to be decent picks. At one time Thompson was considered to be a 2nd round pick, until his combine came and everyone found out that he was not only short, but he was also slow. Kirlew seems like a pretty big reach, but there is no doubt he will at least bring some competition to a position pretty much controlled by Robert Ayers. To be honest though, both will have to work really hard to keep their roster spots.

Minutes after those picks were made, the Broncos also announced the signing of a relatively big name free agent. They have signed Akin Ayodele an Inside Linebacker formerly of the Miami Dolphins. He should compete with Mario Haggan for reps at ILB.

Now, the Broncos are going to move their focus onto undrafted free agents. The off-season never really ends, does it?


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