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Broncos Draft Beadles, Walton, Decker

April 23, 2010

The Broncos in day 2 of the NFL Draft, which for the first time included only rounds 2 and 3, selected three players today. They held their own second rounder, and two thirds, one which was their own, and one that was received from the Eagles after trading down to pick #24 on day 1.

The players selected were, at #45 Zane Beadles, OT/OG/C from Utah, at #80 J.D Walton, C, Baylor, and at #87, Eric Decker, WR, Minnesota. The three all filled reasonable needs, and were considered by most to be safe, but high value picks.

Zane Beadles was selected a slight bit earlier than expected and it raised questions over what position he would play for the Broncos. Since a true Center had not been drafted yet, it was unsure whether the Broncos might move Seth Olsen to play Center or have Beadles play Center.

With the J.D Walton pick in the second round though, it came to light that he would compete for a slot at Offensive Guard, with J.D Walton playing Center.

Finally Eric Decker was selected, who will probably play a smaller role than those two next season, with the plethora of receivers that Denver already has on their rosters. Except people, including myself, to begin hashing out potential depth charts at Wide Receiver.

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