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Scouting Report: Brandon Graham

April 17, 2010

Brandon Graham, DE, Michigan, 6’2, 263 pounds

Strengths: Has a powerful build … Non-stop motor … A physical pass rusher … Has good balance … Plays with excellent leverage … Strong and powerful tackler … Does a very solid job against the run … Smart player, good instincts … Uses his hands well … Offers versatility.

Weaknesses: Isn’t an outstanding athlete … Only average speed … Shorter than most Defensive Ends … Doesn’t explode off of the line … Struggles in space … Needs to work on his tackling form … Inconsistent …  His upside is pretty limited.

Overview: Brandon Graham isn’t an ideal player at either Outside Linbacker in a 3-4 or a Defensive End in a 4-3. In my opinion, he may never have a true position in the NFL. While he is a powerful tackler, and pretty good against the run as well as the pass, he just doesn’t have the upside or the athleticism to be a star in the NFL. He shouldn’t be drafted any higher than the second round.

2nd to 3rd round

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