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The Quarterback Conundrum

April 16, 2010

The draft is just over a week away, and we are still trying to predict who Denver will pick. I’ve looked over dozens of Mock Drafts, and considered where Denver needs depth. I also reviewed McDaniels first draft, and who Denver has brought in for visits/workouts.

I’ve come up with a few pretty good hunches for what positions Denver will go after in the draft, the most surprising – Quarterback. It sounds insane, but not after you consider my reasoning. Every coach in the NFL is always looking to upgrade at every position. Josh McDaniels is in no way exempt from that fact, maybe even more that way than other coaches.

All three Quarterbacks on the Broncos roster have the potential to be a starter on opening day this season, but that doesn’t necessarily mean their jobs are safe. Earlier this year, Broncos’ owner Pat Bowlen suggested to the Denver Post that the Broncos might draft a QB this year, while Josh McDaniels hinted at drafting a quarterback as well. The Broncos have even brought in Cincinnati QB Tony Pike for a visit. Granted, that was all before the Broncos traded for Brady Quinn, but you still can’t just brush all that off.

With McDaniels you have to expect the unexpected. Last year the Broncos held the 12th overall pick in the draft, and needed some serious D-line help – and some serious defensive help period. In free agency, McDaniels had brought in three Running Backs (Correll Buckhalter, LaMont Jordan, and J.J. Arrington); Peyton Hillis was also on the roster, as a hold-over from the Shanahan era.

None of those three players were spectacular, much like the three we have on the roster now. They are all good, and capable but there may be more talent in the draft.

If you’ll remember, the three free agent signees were expected to compete in training camp for the starting job. If there was one area Denver didn’t need depth going into last years draft it was at Tailback, yet McDaniels shocked us all, and drafted Knowshon Moreno. His draft choice was heavily critized because of all the capable backs Denver already had on its roster.

McDaniels now faces a similar situation. There are three very capable players on the roster with the opportunity to upgrade via the draft. Although McD has sung the praises of Kyle Orton and Tom Brandstater from the very moment they arrived in Denver, he also praised Jay Cutler’s talent and ability, a few weeks before he traded him.

The Broncos would get good compensation for both Orton or Brandstater if they wanted to trade either QB. Kyle is coming off a career year, and a very solid statistical season, so his value is pretty high. And there are plenty of QB-seeking teams on the market. Albeit Brandstater is only entering his  second season, he could have good trade value as well, the Seahawks traded two draft picks for San Diego Chargers’ Charlie Whitehurst, who has never attempted an NFL pass, and is two years older than Brandstater.

This week the Broncos are going to conduct a private visit with Florida Quarterback Tim Tebow, he has been known to have a “Wow” effect on teams he’s met with. The fact that the Broncos are going to meet with him proves that they (at the very least) haven’t yet ruled out drafting him, and therefore, haven’t ruled out drafting a Quarterback.

In a lot of the Mock Drafts I’ve seen, Colt McCoy and Jimmy Clausen have been available at #11, and it doesn’t look like the Broncos have ruled out the possibility of drafting a QB with their first pick, or later in the draft. All it would take is McDaniels to develop a man-crush on one of the Quaterback draft prospects in the draft, and Denver could have a 4th QB on the roster heading into training camp.

  1. Glen Ocana permalink
    April 17, 2010 9:48 AM

    I’m very interested to see how this draft plays out, I like CJ Spiller and we have Moreno, I also hope we draft a stud OL, Mike Iupati or Maurkice Pouncey. As for reciever, I like Damian Williams, USC.

    • April 18, 2010 4:34 PM

      I agree, I would love Iupati or Pouncey, as for WR’s, Williams is good, but I have a fancy for Golden Tate. It will be a fun draft that’s for sure, I expect lots of trades.

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