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Marshall Signs RFA Tender

April 13, 2010

Earlier today, it was announced that Denver Bronco receiver Brandon Marshall signed a restricted free agent tender sheet with the team.  Adam Schefter has tweeted that the offer will be worth $2.5 million a year, therefore making it easier to facilitate a trade, but as I will express in just a few lines down, there could be another scenario at play.

The Denver Post’s Lindsay Jones also believes this is a big step to trading Marshall away. It will allow the Broncos to enter official trade talks with other teams, for the first time this off-season. I agree with this statement, but it is easy to make the other case too.

The Broncos could have lowered the tender to facilitate an immediate signing but instead, they upped the tender to a first round and therefore no one bit. Is it because they want a first rounder and nothing else? That is possible. But, it could also be another step in keeping him.

I am sure McDaniels understands the value of Marshall after watching our game against Indianapolis last season, and thinks he is worth big money. But I also think he wants Marshall to keep working towards a big contract, if he plans on giving him one. A lower salary would mean Marshall would keep on giving 100%, something players like Marshall have been known not to do when they receive giant payments.

Or, as it is more likely, it is simply another step in their quest to trade him. The above is more food for thought, not my prediction.

A trade could be coming sooner rather than later though. Seattle is prepared to give away their second round pick (60 overall), as compensation, but I don’t think the Broncos will give him away for such a low second rounder. Agent Drew Rosenhaus thinks that we will receive a 2nd as well as a later pick in the draft. If that was the case, McDaniels might give in.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on his trade status throughout the week.

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