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Scouting Report: Golden Tate

April 12, 2010

Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame, 5’10, 199

Strengths: One of the best athletes in the draft … Excellent speed … Has reliable hands and rarely ever drops passes … Has solid bulk … Possesses the ability to jump way up high for a ball … Very elusive, weaves his way between coverages … Great awareness … Breaks a lot of tackles … Highly competitive … Lots of upside.

Weaknesses: Not a polished route runner … Sometimes will get jammed at the line … Shorter than most scouts would like … Catches the ball with his body too much … For being so fast, doesn’t get much separation … Only an average blocker.

Overview: Every year, there are a few controversial wide receiver prospects who make cause for a lot of debate. Last year it was Percy Harvin who succeeded with flying colors. No one was really sure how he would do. Some loved him. Some could not stand him. Golden Tate is in that same mold. There is a lot of reasons to love him, but he is raw and has his fair share of problems.

1st rounder


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