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2010 Denver Broncos Draft Predictions #3

April 1, 2010

The draft is less than a month away, and it is time to put in my second to last Denver Broncos Draft Predictions. This is a fun one, and is starting to really get me excited for draft day.

Round 1: Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama. This is still a questionable pick, but I think it is a good one. The Broncos cut Andra Davis earlier in the season, so it raises the question, why? It just doesn’t make sense that the Broncos would cut Davis without a good replacement. Since they didn’t immediately sign someone from free agency, they must have someone either waiting in the wings to start, or they see a player in the draft who they really want. There are a couple of possible scenarios: The Broncos could be planning on moving Mario Haggan over to ILB and starting Robert Ayers on the outside, or they could be doing this as a means to promote Spencer Larsen. I doubt the Larsen one, but the Haggan scenario does make sense. I think that Josh McDaniels wants Ayers to earn that position though. He will have to beat out Haggan in training camp if he will get the starting job. That is why the Broncos will target Rolando McClain.

Round 2: Toby Gerhart, RB, Stanford. Toby Gerhart’s favorite football player ever is John Elway. That is why he went to Stanford. It is why he played both baseball and football like Elway. It is the reason why he wore his numbers in both sports. Maybe he can play for Elways’ professional team too. The Broncos have traded away Peyton Hillis and now they need a solid player at fullback. They are also in need of a running back who can play with a bit more of a power style. Gerhart could fit into both roles after having such a prolific career at Stanford. Imagine Moreno and Gerhart pounding the football for the next seven years together. The Broncos have made it a focus point to improve their running game under McDaniels, but it can not be totally fixed without a better number two running back, and a great blocking fullback. Buckhalter and Larsen are good, but aren’t being game changers. Toby Gerhart can.

Round 3: John Jerry, OG, Ole Miss. I think some Denver fans will be disappointed if the Broncos wait this long to address the Offensive Line. I on the other hand think it makes sense. For the time being Seth Olsen is a solid cog in the Offensive Line, and he or Russ Hochstein could take over the center or Offensive Guard position. John Jerry is a huge player and a good fit for the power blocking scheme. While he has no experience at Center, he could still push Hochstein or Olsen over to play Center, while he holds down Guard. If he doesn’t start this year, he has the tools that can be developed. Remember, it took Ryan Harris a few years before he was ready to step in as the starting Tackle, but he has been great ever since. I think it could be the same for Jerry.

Round 4: Vince Oghobasse, DT/DE, Duke. At one point earlier this year, I considered projecting Oghobasse as the Broncos first pick in the draft. That consideration has long come and gone but he might still wear orange and blue… as a fourth rounder. The Broncos in free agency did a lot to improve their Defensive Line, but it still is missing some youth. Oghobasse can play both Defensive End and Defensive Tackle, both where he is effective. I think he could be a good player to rotate in a 3-4 scheme, and if he really improves, he could start. Right now, Justin Bannan looks like almost the odd man out of the Defensive Line. Someone should be put in there to pressure him into improving, or overtake him. Oghobasse has the tools to do so, even if he does seem like an injury risk. Personally, I think this is a pretty high value pick to find in the fourth round.

Round 6: Blair White, WR, Michigan St. White is from the same college where Josh McDaniels started his career, and is one of the most pro-ready receivers in the draft. It is tough to when you watch him not to see an ounce of Brandon Marshall-esque playing style. He was extremely productive in college and McDaniels seems to value that highly. The rationale for this pick is simple: The Broncos need a wide receiver¬†desperately, especially if Marshall leaves the team. The chances that White will be as good as Marshall is low, but he could contribute immediately. Since it’s unlikely that the Broncos will draft a great Wide Receiver high in the draft, instead what they will need is a plethora of receivers that can all impact the game. If they can get enough players to contribute, than they won’t miss Marshall, but if instead they try to replace Marshall with a single player, there will be a high cost.

Round 7: Eric Cook, C, New Mexico. Last year the Broncos spent their last pick in the draft with a flier, Center Blake Schuster who failed miserably. In fact, Schuster was one of the first cuts in training camp. This year the Broncos would be advised to take another flier in the seventh round, also on a Center. Hopefully though, this one isn’t a failure like the last one. When the Broncos cut Casey Wiegmann, there were two predominant reasons: The Broncos are shifting to a power blocking scheme which requires much larger players. Wiegmann was definitely one of the smaller Centers in the league. The second reason was that he was much too old, and with the shift in scheme, comes a need for youth.

Undrafted Free Agents:

Robert Johnson, S, Utah: A great blend of size and speed for the Safety position. He is a very poor mans Taylor Mays. I would give him a shot in camp.

Jim Dray, TE, Stanford: Dray is a great blocking Tight End. I could see him as a solid body in camp.

Cole Pemberton, OT, Colorado St. A Colorado St. alumni, Pemberton is well built to play in the Broncos new Offensive line scheme. He has an outside chance at making the final roster even.

Matt Dodge, P, East Carolina. Dodge is a good punter with a very strong leg. He might even have a shot at getting drafted, and let’s face it, Denver does not have a Punter in place.

Kyle Williams, RS, Arizona St. Fast, fast, fast… If Eddie Royal is going to focus more on his receiving skills, we will need another return specialist in place.

  1. altpwr permalink
    April 1, 2010 11:43 AM

    Nice picks, but round two is too soon to get a RB or FB in my opinion. Mc D just doesnt utilize FB’s in his system ……period. Stop complaining about Peyton Hillis being traded. Name the starting FB for the patriots last year, the year before that or any of their super bowl winning years?………. you see?…… FB wont be a priority in this system dudes…..Spencer Larson should be switched to FB (full time) and IF you get a RB you might want to look 6th or 7th pick. Go o-line with the 2nd pick, then d-line with the 3rd. We are week up front on BOTH sides of the ball. We have needs on the defense dudes…..FIX THE “D!” PLEASE! and I believe we’ll see the Broncos start strong….then finish strong! GO BRONCOS!

    • April 1, 2010 1:15 PM

      I don’t think Gerhart would play much FB personally. He’d be more of a number 2 running back option, but we might as well have an awesome FB for the few times we need one.

      • April 2, 2010 4:42 PM

        Four plays, draft a guy to play in four plays? Lol. I love Gerhart, but I don’t think he fits, look at Jacob Hester, Peyton Hillis, and Mike Alstott, all of them never got TailBack time (save Mike, but he really was a an style FB) I think the same will be true with Toby. I like McClain though.

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