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Scouting Report: Tony Pike

March 11, 2010

Tony Pike, QB, Cincinnati, 6’6, 225

Strengths: Fantastic size for the position … Very quick decision maker … Puts a really good spiral on the ball … Great touch accuracy … Is accurate in short yardage pass situations, as well as deep pass situations … Times his throw well … Seems to have a great grasp of the game … Good character.

Weaknesses: Has one of the worse arms in the draft … Isn’t very athletic … Doesn’t move out of the pocket … Sometimes he will put a bit too much touch … Rarely puts a good zip on his throw.

Overview: Tony Pike may be my favorite QB in the draft this year with the exception of Sam Bradford. He has great accuracy, an amazing touch, and is the most intelligent QB in the draft by far. His leadership will also give him an edge. His arm isn’t great and he won’t be able to make very many deep throws, but I love everything else about him.

Second to third round pick

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