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Scouting Report: Dan Williams

March 1, 2010

Dan Williams, NT, Tennessee, 6’3 327 pounds

Strengths: Big guy … Very quick and athletic … Good range … A very powerful tackler … Occupies multiple blockers at one time … Can collapse the pocket from the middle … Very strong … Really fun to watch when he bull-rushes …  Can fit in a 3-4 … Has great instincts … Dominates against the run … Plenty of room to grow as a player.

Weaknesses: A very inconsistent player … Doesn’t always show great effort … Doesn’t always use proper leverage … Not an elite pass rusher … Has stamina concerns … Every once in a while will get caught in a block.

Overview: Dan Williams is at times one of the best players on the field, and other times just is a waste of a player. I feel like he can overcome his inconsistency at the next level with the right coaching staff, because when he is hot, he is really hot. I really like what he brings to the field, but I am still a bit afraid of the effort that he will put in.

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