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Scouting Report: Kareem Jackson

February 19, 2010

Kareem Jackson, CB, Alabama, 5’10, 196 lbs

Strengths: Has good timed speed … Moves his feet quickly … Relatively agile … Anticipates the ball well, knows when to go up for it … Aware at all times … Good at playing man and zone coverage … Jams well at the line … Very physical … Lots of experience … Student of the game.

Weaknesses: Doesn’t have a good burst … Lacks acceleration … Timed speed is good, but looks slow on field … Sometimes a bit too aggressive … Needs to move his hips for fluently … Will allow a bit too much separation … I don’t like his backpedal.

Overview: When it comes to aggressive, physical cornerbacks, Jackson is among the best in the draft. I wonder how he is going to be successful though when he is so raw, and just doesn’t have the speed to play against the leagues fastest wide outs. My biggest fear would be playing Devin Hester and watching him trample all over Jackson. He should drop to the second round, because he is just too raw.
2nd to 3rd rounder

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