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Broncos 2010 Free Agency Preview, Part 1

February 18, 2010

Free agency is only a few weeks away and the Broncos have 16 players with contracts expiring. These players include Elvis Dumervil, Brandon Marshall and Kyle Orton among others. For the rest of the week, we will take a look at free agency, starting today with Restricted Free Agency. LB

Elvis Dumervil: Dumervil is by far the most valuable player the Broncos have that will reach either restricted or unrestricted free agency this year. He is so much so, that Mike Klis has said that he might strike a deal with the Broncos before the March 5th tender date. That is a very legitimate and even if they wait, will definitely work out a deal for him. You can’t ignore production, and he definitely has had it. Team value: A ; Market value: A ; Tender: 1st & 3rd round pick.

  • Other Free Agents: Thomas Davis, OLB, Panthers RFA ; Shawne Merriman, OLB, Chargers RFA ; Scott Fugita, OLB, Saints UFA.

OL Chris Kuper: Chris Kuper is not a good fit for the power blocking system, but has shown flashes of brilliance in a zone blocking scheme. As a restricted free agent, he could get an average tender but the chances of him fitting in, in next years Offensive Line is low. I think chances are he won’t be returning, but he might have a good chance to break out on another team. Team value: C ; Market value: B- ; Tender: 3rd round pick

  • Other Free Agents: Logan Mankins, OL, Patriots RFA ; Bobbie Williams, OL, Bengals ; Rex Hadnot, OL, Browns

WR Brandon Marshall: Brandon Marshall has had his ups and downs with the Broncos, but don’t let that fool you. He still is probably the offenses best player. The truth is, from what the two parties have said publicly, his feud with Coach McDaniels may have been overblown. His 3 straight 100 catch seasons will make him a huge value on the market, and if the Broncos are willing to play the price, I think there is a good chance he might return to Denver. Team value: A- ; Market value: A ; Tender: 1st round pick

  • Other Free Agents: Terrell Owens, WR, Buffalo Bills ; Antonio Bryant, WR, Buccaneers ; Vincent Jackson, WR, Chargers RFA ; Braylon Edwards, WR, Jets RFA.

QB Kyle Orton: Ask a few Broncos fans about Kyle Orton and you will get a diverse number of opinions. Some will say franchise QB, some solid starter, some think he’s a backup, some think he’s the reason we missed the playoffs. But it depends on what McDaniels thinks, and he thinks pretty highly of him from what I’ve seen. Orton most likely will not need to be tendered, but will be highly if it’s needed. Orton should renew his contract for another 2-3 years possibly. Team value: B+ ; Market value: B+ ; Tender: 1st round pick

  • Other Free Agents: Jason Campbell, QB, Redskins RFA ; Chad Pennington, QB, Jets ; Mark Bulger, QB, Rams.

TE Tony Scheffler: The most likely scenario for Scheffler will be that he is either traded or picked up in Restricted Free Agency for a decent tender. I think that Scheffler returning to the Broncos next year, is as unlikely a scenario as Josh McDaniels coming down to earth for a moment. (Two things that are interconnected by the way). Look for the Redskins as a possible destination. Team value: D+ ; Market value: C+ ; Tender: 3rd round pick

  • Other Free Agents: Ben Watson, TE, Patriots ; Matt Spaeth, TE, Steelers ; Leonard Pope, TE, Rams

LE Le Kevin Smith: Le Kevin Smith was acquired from the Patriots during training camp in a trade, involving a 5th round pick from the Broncos. With that being his value, you can expect him to be tendered about that highly. Chances are he will reach a deal with the Broncos quickly though. Team value: C- ; Market value: D+ ; Tender: 5th round pick

  • Other Free Agents: Julius Peppers, DE, Panthers ; Ray Edwards, DE, Vikings ; Marcus Spears, DE, Cowboys RFA ; Travis Kirschke, DE, Steelers.

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