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Scouting Report: Arthur Jones

February 16, 2010

Arthur Jones, DT, Syracuse, 6′4, 293 pounds

Strengths: Tough to avoid, stays low in tackles … Quick off the snap … Finds holes, bursts through them easily … Plays well up front at the line … Maintains space … I like his hand fighting … Huge factor against the run … Can play in either a 3-4 scheme or a 4-3 both as a nose tackle.

Weaknesses: Doesn’t have great athleticism … Isn’t good in pursuit, has troubles chasing down tacklers … Comes off of the snap high sometimes … Doesn’t always anticipate the snap well … Injury prone … Isn’t much of a flashy pick … Very limited upside.

Overview: Arthur Jones is a pretty ho-hum prospect in this years draft. He is a major factor against the run game and offers lots of schematic versatility. That said, he has injury risks, only average athleticism, and doesn’t contribute much to the pass rush. I think that of all the high Nose Tackle prospects, he definitely has the lowest ceiling. In essence, what you see is what you get with Jones.

Late 1st, early 2nd rounder


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