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2010 Denver Bronco Draft Predictions #2

February 14, 2010

Hey everyone! So for the first time ever, today our Denver Broncos Draft Predictions will involve a trade. Usually I go totally by the picks we have, but I was prompted this week after looking at our board a few times, to realize that trading down may be the best, and a very likely option for the Broncos. Enjoy!

TRADE ALERT: Broncos trade first round pick, number 10 overall, for San Francisco first round pick, 17th overall, and San Francisco second round pick, 49th overall.

1st round: Mike Iupati, OG, Idaho. Mike Iupati has seen his stock soar as of late from a 2nd round pick to a mid-first round pick. He is by far the best guard in this class and would ease the transition into the power blocking system for the Broncos. I think that when McDaniels sees him at the combine, he will not be able to resist his smarts, strength, and awareness. With all three of our high caliber guards, (Chris Kuper, Ben Hamilton and Russ Hochstein) on free agency, chances are, that one or two of them won’t return, so we will need to make up for those losses in the draft.

2nd round (45): Brandon Spikes, ILB, Florida. I think Brandon Spikes should be taken in the first round, and his talent is far superior than where he will be drafted, much like the previous two picks. He’s a hard hitter, an emotional leader and could be the center piece of the future Broncos defense. He can go onto the defense and become an immediate leader even with his young age. Even if he doesn’t start in his first year, he can contribute on 3rd downs in favor of Andra Davis and also on special teams. If Rey Maualuga and James Laurinaitis fell this far down in the draft, Brandon Spikes will definitely do so, and if the Broncos pass up an Inside Linebacker in the first round they will definitely draft him here.

2nd round (48): Alex Carrington, DE, Arkansas St. I was one of the first to pay some attention to Alex Carrington, as he is the best mid-round 5 technique Defensive End. Finally though, scouts and other bloggers finally saw what I had been seeing at the Senior Bowl only a few weeks ago. While we won’t be able to steal him in the third or fourth round like we would have been able to, had his Senior Bowl performance not been so fantastic, he’s still worth the pick here. Great 5 technique Defensive Ends are the hardest thing to find in all of football, with the exception of a franchise QB, so the Broncos would be foolish to pass one up in the second round.

3rd round: Ryan Mathews, RB, Fresno St. One of my keys to improving the Broncos this off-season was adding some “oomph” to the running game. Knowshon Moreno is a fantastic running back and the future of the offense, but adding someone with a bit more speed and acceleration would do wonders in taking off some of the load from Moreno. These two could progress through the NFL together and like Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams could share the load and become stars. You don’t get an opportunity to create as good a run game as we have had the past two years, so let’s take advantage of this opportunity and rebuild this offense with a focus on running the football.

4th round: Jacoby Ford, WR, Clemson. According to Scott Wright of NFL Draft, Jacoby Ford was the only player the Broncos talked to during the Senior Bowl. The fact that he was the sole person that they spoke to says a lot. If he is available in the fourth round, and the Broncos have shown a good amount of interest in him, chances are that they will take him here. He can not only contribute as a Wide Receiver (probably in the slot), but can be a Kick and Punt returner for them, if need be. His skill set is similar to Brandon Stokley so he would probably be his eventual replacement.

6th round: Myron Lewis, CB, Vanderbilt. The Broncos are set for another 2-3 years with Champ Bailey and Andre Goodman at Cornerback, but eventually there will be a transition put in place. Alphonso Smith I think will make solid progress next year and become the nickel Cornerback and maybe when Bailey and Goodman are gone, he could take over as the number one. If he does that though, we need someone to compliment him, and that is what Josh McDaniels should do in the 6th round. I think there are some solid values at Cornerback in the later rounds, and Myron Lewis is one of those values. He’s very tall and has pretty good athleticism, as well as good awareness. He’d also compliment Alphonso Smith’s smallness, with his tallness… (Excuse the rhyming). Either way, he’s a solid pick here in round 6.

7th round: Mark Herzlich, OLB, Boston College. Mark Herzlich, 5 months ago, could have very well been a first round pick in the NFL Draft. Then tragedy struck. Herzlich, an Outside Linebacker standout from Boston College was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, which is a rare form of life-threatening cancer. In his left thigh a malignant tumor was found. He is now undergoing treatment and it is supposed to be going quite well, but it is in question if he will ever play football again. The chances of this 7th round pick turning into a star player is unlikely. Last year, our 7th rounder didn’t even make it to the pre-season before being cut. So why not we take a risk on a guy who if he plays football again, may be a potential starter. It is unlikely, yes. But what if he defies the odds? We could have just taken a player worthy of a 1st round pick, in the 7th round. It’s worth the risk, and I think the Broncos should take it.

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