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Super Bowl XLIV, a Tale of Two QB’s

February 7, 2010

Today will be remembered as a battle between Quarterbacks. As you know, Super Bowl XLIV in Southern Florida will feature two Quarterbacks: Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts and Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints.

Peyton Manning has been here before. Actually, there is about nowhere Peyton Manning hasn’t found himself in the NFL. He has the all-time record for most MVP Awards, and is likely to have the all-time record for every single passing category by his retirement.

Throw on top of that, that he has been to the Super Bowl and has won it, it’s hard not to make the case that Peyton Manning has the clear upper hand against Drew Brees. You can easily say that he is the most glorified QB left in the league. He just wants to keep on throwing the accolades on top of his Hall of Fame resume.

Brees on the other hand, is commonly considered to be the Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL. No matter what he does, he doesn’t get any respect. He deserves it though. With an 109.6 QB rating, 34 touchdowns, 4,388 yards and a 70.6 completion rating, you could make the case that while he isn’t as flashy a QB as Peyton, he is superior.

These Quarterbacks could not be any more different, and that is why this Super Bowl will be so exciting. I am looking forward to watching this one.

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