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Scouting Report: Dez Bryant

February 3, 2010

Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma St.

Strengths: Has pretty steady hands … Tall for a Wide Receiver … No one will beat him for a jump ball … Will extend his routes, and give the QB options … Pops off of the line of scrimmage … Rarely gets jammed at the line … Really athletic … Gets good YAC … Can read blocks downfield very well … Adjusts to the ball … Can play Punt Returner too.

Weaknesses: Still a questionable route runner … Doesn’t have great deep speed … Doesn’t read coverages very well … Not that fast … He could be more elusive.

Overview: Dez Bryant doesn’t seem like that risky of a pick. He projects as a talented number 1 receiver at the next level but could also be a good #2. He’s the full package with the exception of speed and reminds me a bit of Michael Crabtree from last year. If he was a bit better at running route and had better all-around speed he would be a definite top 10 pick. He doesn’t though, so don’t be surprised if he falls a little bit come draft day.

1st round pick


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