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Martindale Receives Promotion

January 28, 2010

It was announced today that Broncos coach Don Martindale was promoted to Defensive Coordinator as the replacement to Miami Defensive Coordinator, Mike Nolan. Broncos head  coach, Josh McDaniels had this to say of the hiring:

Dean Pees, two days ago announced that he was going to coach Linebackers in Baltimore, and because he was the only other serious candidate for the job, Martindale’s promotion seemed inevitable. That said, it was an excellent choice by the Broncos staff, one that will keep players happy after the uncertainty of Mike Nolan’s leave. Josh McDaniels had this to say of the hiring:

“‘Wink’ (Don Martindale) is the perfect fit to lead our defense after earning the respect of our players and coaching staff for the job he did this past year working with our linebackers.”

As to keeping the Defensive system in place, he said this:

“Defensively, we will keep our system consistent in terms of the scheme and will play an aggressive, physical brand of football. Most importantly, we want to continue to improve. Wink holds his players to a very high standard, both on the field and in the meeting room, and he makes them better. He is highly regarded within our organization, and we look forward to him leading our defense.”

Martindale has had a good amount of success in the NFL, and this is not the first Defensive Coordinator job he has been considered for, and or taken. In 2008, it was rumored he might even be a potential head coaching candidate for the Oakland Raiders, but he was not given the job, and instead went to Denver to coach Linebackers.

Here, he has coached 2 Pro Bowlers in Elvis Dumervil and D.J Williams, and has gotten loads of support from his players in the coaching search. I am very happy with this decision, as he was my choice from the start and I wish him the best of luck as our new Defensive Coordinator.

  1. January 28, 2010 5:19 PM

    When did D.J. make the PB?

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