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2010 Mock Draft, January Update!

January 25, 2010

For a few months we’ve had our pre-season mock draft on our Draft Central page. Now we have released our first off-season mock draft. You can view the updates over at Draft Central or you can see it here at this post. We will also update it throughout the off-season while adding new rounds. Here it is:

1. St. Louis Rams: Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame. The Rams have been consistently one of the worst teams in recent memory and this is their 3rd straight year among the top 2 picks. The reason is that while they have slightly improved the trenches, they need a Quarterback to win and they need one desperately. Clausen, while I don’t think he is as talented as Bradford, is a decent QB and will be drafted higher.

2. Detroit Lions: Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska. Gerald McCoy is a better fit for the Lions system, but there is no way that Jim Schwartz will pass up on the best Defensive Tackle to pass through the draft in years. Ndamukong Suh could make them seriously competitive and even start in his first year. They might also consider going the Left Tackle route, but they can handle that in the second round.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, like the Lions are not choosing the Defensive Tackle that fits the system best, but since the one that does is not available, they will settle for the also talented Gerald McCoy. Raheem Morris is hanging onto his job by a thread, so he better hope this is a good pick.

4. Washington Redskins: Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma. Mike Shanahan is the new man in town, and he knows how to build an offense better than anything else. Sam Bradford is an amazing Quarterback, the best in the draft since Carson Palmer. If the Redskins go for Bradford, it will be another excellent move for the future of the team.

5. Kansas City Chiefs: Eric Berry, S, Tennessee. Most people are picking Russell Okung here, but I disagree. He is not nearly as talented as Berry, and is simply put, not the right pick here. Scott Pioli made a good move in selecting Tyson Jackson last year with the #3 overall pick in the draft. He’ll also make the good move here with Eric Berry.

6. Seattle Seahawks: Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State. Even though the Chiefs made the right selection previously, that doesn’t mean picking Okung is necessarily a bad move. In fact for Pete Carrolls’ Seahawks, it is the perfect move. Carroll says he wants players who play tough football and Russell Okung does just that. He also fills a huge need at Left Tackle.

7. Cleveland Browns: Taylor Mays, S, USC. The Browns have an embarrassing secondary and Linebacking core. Mays will play in the secondary at Safety, but will be able to contribute to and boost the Linebackers too. He is the very definition of runs like a Cornerback and plays like a Safety. I have a hard time believing that the Browns would pass on him.

8. Oakland Raiders: Ras-I Dowling, CB, Virginia. Could Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders actually make a good pick here? Dowling is by far the best Cornerback in the draft, on so many levels. He is very athletic and has insane speed to play Cornerback, but still is lightening fast. With all these athletic skills and a need at Cornerback, the Raiders will draft him, and it just might be a good choice here.

9. Buffalo Bills: Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma. Chan Gailey isn’t exciting, but he’s smart and I have a feeling will be very good at picking players for his team. Trent Williams is the exact same way, not exciting, but very, very good. I’m not sure if the Bills will go with the QB’s they have, but either way, they will need a Offensive Line to protect him, whomever he may be.

10t. Denver Broncos (f/Chicago): Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama. Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama. I’ve been scouting McClain for a while now, but it didn’t really occur to me until today while I was watching the Alabama game at my local sports bar, that he would be a great pick for the Denver Broncos. Duh. The thing that McClain has going for him is that not only is he a great fit for the 3-4 but he could realistically play any Linebacker position that Mike Nolan would want him to. He reminds me a great deal of Patrick Willis who Nolan drafted back in San Francisco so it isn’t hard to imagine McClain playing for him. The various skills that he brings spread all across the board from pass rushing to pass coverage. And on top of all of that, he is extremely solid against the run. If he is available when the Broncos pick, no way they pass on him. (via our Broncos Draft Predictions)

10t. Jacksonville Jaguars: Tim Tebow, QB, Florida. Picking Tim Tebow is risky business, but the Jaguars are definitely going to have to take some risks if they want to stay in Jacksonville. Tim Tebow is a Jaguars fan, he’s from Florida, and would sell so many tickets for Jacksonville that it is not even funny. Whether or not he is as good a football move as he is a business move is unforeseen, but football is in fact a business, and the Jaguars will remember that when making this pick.

12. Miami Dolphins: Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State. Ted Ginn Jr. has been a bust, but still has contributed quite a bit of play to the Dolphins and could remain a starter. He just isn’t the star Wide Receiver that the Dolphins wanted him to be. Dez Bryant is that receiver they want him to be and would compliment Ginn very well.

13. San Francisco 49ers: Joe Haden, CB, Florida. The 49ers secondary is very rough around the edges with the exception of Nate Clements and has a great chance to improve with two 1st round picks this year. Joe Haden is a very fundamentally sound Cornerback and would help the 49ers become a more likely playoff team.

14. Seattle Seahawks (f/Denver): C.J Spiller, RB, Clemson. The Seahawks are lucky to have two first round picks this year, because they have plenty of needs to fill. Pete Carroll loves fast, versatile, running backs (Reggie Bush anyone?) and C.J Spiller is a running back that fits that exact criteria. There is nothing exciting or threatening about the Seahawks running game. C.J Spiller could end that immediately.

15. New York Giants: Sergio Kindle, OLB, Texas. The Giants had a nightmare season this year, and need something to change desperately if they want to come back next season and win. That will start with improving their front 7. Defensive End is pretty much taken care of, and Inside Linebacker temporarily. Sergio Kindle is an excellent Outside Linebacker who should produce immediately.

16. Tennessee Titans: Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech. Derrick Morgan has seen his stock rise as of late, and could even be a top 10 pick by April, but for now will have to make due with just a top 2o. The Titans really need to inject some youth into their aging Defense, especially at Defensive End. Derrick Morgan is a physical monster that will remind Jeff Fisher of a certain Jevon Kearse.

17. San Francisco 49ers (f/Panthers): Earl Thomas, S, Texas. I went back and forth on whether or not the 49ers would spend both of their first round picks on Defensive Backs, but I came to the conclusion, that just one player wasn’t going to fix the problem and Mike Singletary is a good enough coach to realize that. Earl Thomas is a safe pick, and while he may never be a star will be a solid starter.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers: Patrick Robinson, CB, Florida St. This would be a bit of a reach in the top 20 picks, but the Steelers couldn’t even stop Bruce Gradkowski in a key game. Mike Tomlin will realize quickly that Ike Taylor can’t do it alone at Cornerback and will go after the best Cornerback available, even if he isn’t a high value.

19. Atlanta Falcons: Sean Weatherspoon, OLB, Mizzou. The Falcons are improving fast but it’s time to stop having temporarily solution Linebackers, and find one for the long term. Sean Weatherspoon is greatly underrated and for years was a key part of Mizzous’ defense. Weatherspoon could start immediately and have a big impact on the Falcons defense.

20. Houston Texans: Arrelious Benn, WR, Illinois. Surprising? When you think about it, not really. After losing Owen Daniels for the season, the Texans realized that besides Andre Johnson, they have a weak receiving core. I guess Kevin Walter is okay, but how much longer can he play just okay, before he becomes just a backup? Arrelious Benn is a great value here and the smart pick for the Texans.

21. Cincinnati Bengals: Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma. I love this pick here! Jermaine Gresham had his stock fall very quickly when he was ruled out for the season due to injury and while there are clearly risks surrounding him, I feel confident that he can overcome them. The Bengals have no one worth while at Tight End and Gresham would be an awesome pick here.

22. New England Patriots: Javhid Best, RB, Cal. The Patriots have an okay running game but there really isn’t anything that special about it… Besides its age. Javhid Best is electrifying and with the Patriots in a possible decline, they need to stack up players for the future. Javhid Best could add a new dimension to this team and be the best running back they’ve had since Corey Dillon.

23. Green Bay Packers: Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida. The work Dom Capers did with the Packers new 3-4 defense this year is astounding. That said, they still need to add new players around B.J Raji and Clay Matthews. Carlos Dunlap could be a hybrid sort of player in their defense, something they don’t have right now. He is also a high value here.

24. Philadelphia Eagles: Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, South Florida. Jason Pierre-Paul is another player who had his stock soar this season, and is a one year wonder in essence. Pierre-Paul is a workout warrior who doesn’t have the proper mechanics yet to play in the NFL, but the physical abilities to be developed into a star. The Eagles are a good team to develop him too.

25. Baltimore Ravens: Damian Williams, WR, USC. The Ravens may try to get a veteran Wide Receiver in free agency or through a trade, but also will have plenty of options in the first round of the draft. Damian Williams is NFL ready and can immediately contribute to whatever team drafts him. So if the Ravens don’t get a veteran player, he’d be a great pick here.

26. Arizona Cardinals: Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa. This may be the highest value in the draft so far. Bulaga is not a left tackle which is why I think he will fall down here in the draft, but could be one of the best right tackles in the NFL and has the talent to be drafted in the top 10. The Cardinals need to beef up their Offensive Line, and Bulaga can fill a huge need while bringing great value.

27. Dallas Cowboys: Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame. Miles Austin has been a gigantic help to the Cowboys, but will work best as a #2 or #3 receiver. Golden Tate will work well with Roy Williams and Miles Austin, so actually the Cowboys might have a really scary receiving corp next year. There are plenty of other ways I could see them go here, but Wide Receiver seems like the best pick for the immediate future.

28. San Diego Chargers: Brian Price, DT, UCLA. The Chargers big problem this year was stopping the run and stopping the run seems like what Brian Price was built for. I’m not sure about whether or not he will be able to contribute in his first year, but in a year or two could be a very tough Defensive Tackle to run against.

29. New York Jets: Corey Wooton, DE, Northwestern. Corey Wooton could be drafted anywhere from the top 20 to the mid 2nd round, but finding a good 5 technique Defensive End is tough, so I expect a team that needs one to reach up, and draft him. The Jets would really like to add one to their already solid Defense, and won’t be able to find one as good as Wooton.

3o. New Orleans Saints: Jerry Hughes, DE/OLB, TCU. For years, the Saints have been haunted by the Outside Linebacker position. Rennie Curran is a decent value here, and from what I have seen, he has great techinque.

31. Indianapolis Colts: Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee. I like what Dan Williams has shown in his senior year, and I’m not alone in that. He’s a solid choice to improve any Defensive Line and I can’t imagine him busting. He might not be a star, but if you want a safe pick, he is a pretty good one to make. Defensive Tackle is not the Colts biggest need, but they’re good enough they can draft anyone.

32. Minnesota Vikings: Colt McCoy, QB, Texas. Brett Favre will be gone after this year. I think. I hope. That means that if the Vikings want to continue their success then they will draft a QB even if it is a slight reach. Mike Mayock has pegged McCoy as one of this years best players though, and I think that could actually boost his stock enough to be drafted in the 1st round.

  1. January 25, 2010 4:56 PM

    I L.O.V.E. your first pick! It drives me crazy all the people that say Suh will be picked #1 (don’t get me wrong I love him, he should be #1, but)remember last year the Lions were supposed to draft Aaron Curry or B.J. Raji, then they draft a QB! You are a smart man lol, the Rams are not going defense.

    Overall great picks! Good job, poeple that say Tebow will be a 2nd or 3rd round so don’t know how the draft works. Great job Garrett.

  2. steelers permalink
    January 27, 2010 3:55 PM

    Bryant McFadden played for Arizona this year. Taylor, Gay, Townsend were the top 3 corners for them. Not spectacular, but the problem was with the safeties – in particular Carter replacing Polamalu. Clark is solid not great & a free agent. Steelers look S, DT/NT (Hampton is FA & getting old), OL in round 1.

    • January 27, 2010 4:02 PM

      I mean Taylor, sorry. I’ll change that. You do have some good points though about other options.

  3. wyoeng permalink
    January 31, 2010 7:30 AM

    Hello Garrett: Do you think the Broncos will make a play on Quinn (From the Browns)? I remember that you thought highly of him when the Cutler trade was going on. Has your impression of Quinn changed?

    • January 31, 2010 7:44 AM

      I don’t think we will make a play for him. If we bring in a new QB, it will be somewhere in the draft, most likely in the first 3 rounds. I don’t think as highly of him as I did last year, but part of that is how he has been coached. He is another example of a player like Alex Smith or Jamarcus Russell, that had potential but was not coached correctly and has taken HUGE steps backward in this league.

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