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Martindale Favorite For DC Job?

January 23, 2010

Initially, while it was rumored that Dean Pees, the former Defensive Coordinator of the New England Patriots was going to fill Mike Nolans’ shoes as Defensive Coordinator in Denver, it seems that Josh McDaniels has gravitated away from Pees.

Instead, The Denver Post is reporting that Don Martindale, the Broncos current Linebackers coach, is right now the favorite for taking over Defensive coaching duties. He had been my choice from beginning, but got a big boost when Broncos Linebacker Andra Davis announced that he wanted Martindale to take the job. It was followed by a storm of support, and rumors of interest by Josh McDaniels.

There are a lot of reasons why Don Martindale is the right choice for the job. He has the support of his players, something that I’m sure McDaniels worried about when Nolan left. He has a long track record of success and this is not the first time he has been considered for a Coordinator job. The Raiders even once considered him to be the head coach.

But most of all, he understands the current system in place. Martindale is not going to go in and destroy everything that Nolan built last year. He might add some fire to it but is not going to totally change the system, which would be a huge step backwards for the team.

Also, something tells me that he is on the same page as McDaniels when it comes to what he wants to see on the team. There are rumors that the Jets and Ravens offered him higher jobs than Linebackers coach last year, so if that is the case and he instead chose to work with McDaniels, they must have a similar vision.

It is also rumored by the Denver Post that the Broncos showed some interest in Matt Patricia, the Patriots Linebacker coach.

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