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McNolanGate an Opportunity?

January 20, 2010

I am not very happy with Mike Nolan leaving the Broncos for the Dolphins. I think it was blatant tampering by Miami and the NFL needs to seriously investigate into what happened with him. Mike Nolan was a great coach, who improved our defense on so many levels that Broncos fans should always hold a great appreciation for.

But we saw something last year, that was alarming to me as well as many others. Nolan couldn’t seem to adjust his defense throughout the season. Teams were finding ways to beat us, which was a large reason that we had such a big collapse later in the year. Nolan was great, but may have had only limited abilities in what he could do here.

Instead, take his leaving as an opportunity. Mike Nolan has created a skeleton of a 3-4 and given it to the Broncos. He has brought in effective players, and has given us some good ideas on how to improve our defense.

We have our skeleton now. The next step is to build on top of that skeleton. Give it some muscle. Pump some blood through it. Find the vital organs necessary to keep this skeleton functioning. (This is by far the most gross analogy I have ever used when describing our defense.) This is in fact a godsend, that will allow us to grow as a team.

Bring in a defensive coordinator who understands the skeleton that Mike Nolan has created and make sure he has the ability to build off of it.

Right now my choice to fill the seat of Mike Nolan is Broncos Linebacker coach Don Martindale. Martindale was considered to be the head coach or defensive coordinator of the Raiders a few years back after being their Linebacker coach, and has made the Linebacking core here in Denver, the best part of this defense.

He understands the skeleton per-se, and if he has some ideas on how to expand on what our defense already has, he should  be hired. The players know him, and seem to trust him. If he has the same vision as McDaniels, new ideas and actually wants this job, I say we give it to him!

We are not under the best circumstances with Nolan leaving. Still, let’s make the best out of what it is: a rare opportunity to exceed the limits that we might have had.

  1. wyoeng permalink
    January 20, 2010 7:27 PM

    Nice Post. What do you think of the Patriots DC Dean Pees?

    • January 20, 2010 8:00 PM

      I think that he would be a solid choice and he is a good DC, but he’s not right for the job. The team doesn’t know him like they do Martindale, and they could easily adapt to a promotion instead of a brand new hiring. We also don’t risk a total overhaul.

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