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In Search for an Answer…

December 22, 2009

Excuse me for keeping an eye on the off-season. I still think the Broncos have a chance at making the playoffs. Right now it’s a slim chance, but one that we can’t let slip away. That said, the Broncos are not a Super Bowl team and anyone who thinks that we are, needs their head examined because we are anything but that.

What we need is an answer. We need a player who will change the Broncos from a decent playoff contender to a legitimate Super Bowl team. Pat Bowlen knows what that kind of player looks like. His name was Terrell Davis. He was that small boost the Broncos needed to help us win a Super Bowl.

We went from a good team that could contend but never go all the way, to the best team. Now, I’m not saying this player needs to be a running back. He might be a Quarterback, or a defensive lineman. All I know, is that it needs to be a player in a significant enough role that can turn it around for us. That is why when it comes to next years draft, we shouldn’t spend our first pick on someone lame like an interior guard. They will help, they just won’t push us to the next level.

Linebackers have pushed teams to a next level, so that is a legitimate option. But so have Wide Receivers, Running Backs, Quarterbacks and in very rare cases, Tight Ends.

So what if I told you there was a prospect who could play all 4 of those positions. His name is Tim Tebow, and I am sure you have all heard of him. He’s the heisman winning BCS champion from Florida. He’s fast, has a rocket arm and is an excellent leader.

At Florida, he played Quarterback and wants to do so in the NFL. Many scouts though say that he would be best at Fullback or Tight End. Others think he could get it done at Quarterback and in some situations line up as a Wide Receiver. We all know how much Josh McDaniels loves versatility, and Tim Tebow is the very definition of versatile.

But what do we do if we draft him?

Well first off, I hate to break it to you, but he can’t play in his first year at QB. It’s just a fact. Everything needs to be re-worked. He needs to fix his footwork, mechanics, delivery, throwing motion and a whole laundry list of items. Tebow barely even knows how to line up under center and not in a shotgun. But he can be taught this.

We can’t ignore that he can throw with pinpoint accuracy or air out the ball to ridiculous distances. His speed is probably the best of any Quarterback we have seen. Ever.

But even though he can’t start in his first year at Quarterback, there is plenty we could do with him to again, take this offense to the next level.

First off, we could use him as the QB in the wild horse offense. We know how McDaniels loves that little trick formation. In my game recap a couple of days ago, I discussed how McDaniels likes to run gimmick plays, but we don’t have the personnel to do so successfully. Think of all the crazy things we could do with Tim Tebow on the roster.

Second, he could in certain situations line up as a Tight End or a Fullback. We all know he doesn’t want that to be his permanent role in the NFL, but it would be a great way to get him to learn the NFL game and have him contribute in his first year.

Finally, he could play a Michael Vick role in the offense. We could just throw him in to relieve Kyle Orton every once in a while and also use him on the goal line and in certain short yardage plays. Imagine Tim Tebow QB sneaking it in for a TD, or throwing it in on the Goal Line to Brandon Marshall. The skies the limit on what he could do before he becomes a full time QB.

That could take up to 3 years for him to become the full time QB, and that’s assuming that he has what it takes to be one in the NFL. But is there a better offensive coach in the NFL, to train and mold Tim Tebow than the great Josh McDaniels?

If we were to draft him, there would be lots of controversy, lots of questions and lots of risk. No one knows what would happen really. At this point The Broncos are just searching for an answer. Tim Tebow might be it.

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