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Broncos Receive Consolation Prize vs Colts

December 13, 2009

Today Brandon Marshall had an NFL record 21 catches in a game versus the Indianapolis Colts today. Can records feel any more hollow than that? The Broncos, who seemed like the favorites, to break the Colts 21 game winning streak, lost 28-16 against the Colts today.

Overall the Broncos played well, and beat the Colts in almost every single category but points. And as I preach in almost every single game review we write, that is all that really matters. Winning, and the Broncos weren’t able to do so.

Don’t get me wrong, the Broncos are in position to receive a playoff berth. It now seems more certain than ever though that it will be a wild card. The next three games are the Raiders, Eagles and then Chiefs. We should win at least two of them, and could very realistically win all three. We are a good enough team to do so.

You saw that today from Kyle Orton who had a 95.3 passer rating. He was excellent in all aspects of the game. He had good accuracy, had a good zip on most of his throws and showed very good decision making. We thought out biggest strength would be our running game in this game and we were wrong.

Unlike the Colts who could both run and pass the ball today, we became one dimensional and relied totally on the passing game and the Orton/Marshall combo. Knowshon Moreno carried the ball over 20 times but had no more than 60 yards, and Correll Buckhalter who was pegged to have a huge game today left only in the first quarter.

Our defense was good, as Brian Dawkins had 2 interceptions, but not good enough. In the first quarter and on the final Indianapolis drive of the game, they just couldn’t seem to stop Peyton Manning from driving his team down the field. At the end of the game, we looked totally flustered when he threw it to Dallas Clark for a Touchdown.

Today was an upsetting game. We should have won this, but we didn’t. The playoffs are still in reach, but never has a record breaking game seemed like such a consolation prize.

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