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Scouting Report: Mardy Gilyard

December 8, 2009

Mardy Gilyard, WR, Cincinnati, 5’11, 187 lbs

Strengths: Pretty quick … Accelerates down the field … Explosive off of the line … Soft hands … Almost never drops the ball … Has very good body control … Give him space and he’s hard to stop … Strong and tough … Has special teams potential … Productive.

Weaknesses: Needs to add a bit more bulk … Isn’t good at breaking a jam … Isn’t a great vertical threat … Doesn’t always look concentrated … Character is in question … He may have durability issues.

Overview: Mardy Gilyard has a lot of questions surrounding him right now. I think that if teams drafted solely on talent, than he would be the first or second receiver taken. The problem is that they don’t. He has durability issues as well as character questions. The two make it difficult for him to be drafted any higher than the second round. If he can get past them though, he could be one of the NFL’s best.

2nd to 3rd rounder

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