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McDaniels Setting The Record Straight

November 29, 2009

Public gaffes have been the name of the game lately for Broncos coach Josh McDaniels. First it came in a game against the San Diego Chargers where he told Chargers linebacker Shaun Phillips “we own you”. Then, only a few games later he was caught by a camera yelling the eff-word to his team, without bleeping it out.

While McDaniels isn’t sorry for doing the latter, he wants to set the record straight on the trash talking with Shaun Phillips: “I was two or three steps out of the tunnel when Shaun Phillips raced up to me with his helmet off and said, ‘I’ll kick your [expletive] ass, too.'”

“I’m not saying I felt physically threatened but that’s exactly the way it went down. It surprised me in a way but we played them a lot when I was in New England and he’s always been that kind of guy.” McDaniels says.

“I wasn’t out there trash-talking their players, going through their drills. This guy has been doing this since I’ve been in the league and, because they won, he takes the liberty of telling his side of the story. I didn’t swear at him or threaten him. What I actually said was, ‘I’ve heard the same thing from you for four or five years now, and when I was in New England, we owned you.'”

Which is true. He also seems to be taking this very seriously, for the Broncos are asking the NFL to investigate the incident. That sounds a bit extreme though.

I mean, both sides sound a bit fishy to me. Why wouldn’t he explain what happened earlier? And on Phillips’ case what prompted McDaniels to do the trash talking? Remember people, there are three sides to ever story: One persons side, the other persons side, and the truth. Even if McDaniels is telling the more accurate account of what happened, he should learn that it is best to ignore the trash talking altogether.

McDaniels says Phillips is partly to blame [ESPN]

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  1. jay permalink
    November 29, 2009 12:06 PM

    I’m a Steelers fan and the chargers are a bunch of chumps. I’ve seen them talk smack at the games live and my Steelers always whip them. I believe the coach more than the player on this one.

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