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Scouting Report: Jacoby Ford

November 28, 2009

Jacoby Ford, WR, Clemson

Strengths: Claims he can run a sub 4.20 which would make him the fastest player in NFL history … A big play receiver … When in space can make huge things happen … Versatile, and can play special teams … May be the best kick returner in this class … Will make an excellent slot receiver in the NFL.

Weaknesses: Has questionable hands … Can’t play number one or even a number two receiver position in the NFL … Will he be limited to only special teams? … Could be no more than a workout warrior … Not overly productive.

Overview: Jacoby Ford could be this years star of the combine, especially if he can run a sub 4.20 which he claims he can. I like that he can be a big play sort of guy and the fact that he can contribute as a kick returner will definitely raise his stock. My one big hesitation is his hands aren’t that great. He has been known to drop a few balls.



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