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The Broncos: The Most Passionate Team In The NFL

November 27, 2009

There was a reason I didn’t post anything after the Chargers game. While there were plenty of things to say, I felt after that important of a game, I needed to watch another one to truly explain what this team was really about. I would have came to some extreme and untrue conclusion that I would regret in a week. 

But now the smoke and mirrors of 6-0 are gone. We are back to reality people. We aren’t going to go undefeated. We are probably not going to win the Super Bowl. At this point, we aren’t even sure if we will even win the division. But I for one have learned one thing: The Denver Broncos are the most passionate team in the NFL. Hands down. 

Remember the fist pumps? 


Remember the trash talking McDaniels gave to the Charger Shaun Phillips?

That’s passionate. I wasn’t sure what to think of it at first. I realize now that even though we lost the game, it was passionate. Sometimes passion can poor over a bit into self confidence. But either way, McDaniels showed passion, something that a lot of coaches don’t show. I realize now, that I would rather have a coach whose passion sometimes becomes self confidence, than a coach who never shows passion at all.

And what about NFL Networks little gaffe during the game?

Trust me, that definitely isn’t the first time or the last time McDaniels will act like that. It’s his job. Anyone ever watch Jon Gruden? Either way, it showed his passion. He looked angry. Hands down we have the most passionate coach in the NFL. 

But it’s not just the coaches that define a teams passion. It’s the players. McDaniels has stacked this entire team with truly passionate players. It all began with Brian Dawkins. 

When it was announced that Brian Dawkins and the team would be having a players only team meeting, I was very happy to hear that. That is what Brian Dawkins is here for. He is a serious emotional leader. No one pumps up his team like Dawkins. He shows it before the game, he shows it during the game and he shows it after.

When I saw D.J Williams pumping up the team before the game I noticed something: Dawkinss’ enthusiasm has spread throughout the entire team. Those celebrations after big hits by the defense were awesome! Rarely did we see our team get this excited last year. The fact that we are doing it even after this kind of a slump is a big sign of this teams character.

It was on the offense too. 

After Kyle Ortons pass to Brandon Stokley for a touchdown, the celebration between him, Stokley and Buckhalter was awesome to watch. It showed just how connected this team is again. 

Also, Brandon Marshall even after his little spat with Knowshon, congratulated him on his touchdown yesterday. This team has evolved into one of the most passionate teams in the league this year. No, they are the most passionate team in the league. 

(Yes I just used the word passion, 12 times)


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