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Broncos vs Chargers Game Handbook

November 21, 2009

I am going to be at the game tomorrow, while I am in Colorado to visit some family and so I will be tweeting live from the game. Until then though, I am going to be breaking down the game for you all. Starting with the story line, here is the Broncos vs Chargers game handbook:

Story Line: Both the Broncos and the Chargers, who are in the same division are 6-3. The Broncos currently have control of the division because we won our last game against the Chargers, but the winner of tomorrows game will take control of the division and put the other team in a very tight spot. Let’s hope it is the Chargers though in the tight spot.

The second story line in tomorrows game, is Eddie Royal and whether he will be able to dominate like he did last time against the San Diego Chargers. Last time he played them. he had two return touchdowns off of both a punt and a kick return. If he can contribute like he did last time, it will make it a lot easier for the Broncos to win. 

Injury Report: 

Oh the big question: Will QB Kyle Orton play? Missing three practices in the Mike Shanahan era meant no chance of playing on Sunday, but it might be different with Josh McDaniels. It also wouldn’t surprise me if McDaniels was exaggerating the extent of the Orton injury in hopes of confusing the Chargers defense. 

Weather Report:

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Weather shouldn’t be a factor for the Broncos, but the thin air and the cold temperatures might cause some problems for the weather-spoiled San Diego Chargers

Key Question:

Q: Should and will the Broncos play Kyle Orton? 

A: No and no. The Broncos shouldn’t play Kyle Orton, and chances are they won’t. In my opinion a Kyle Orton at only 70% is better than a Chris Simms at 100% but if Kyle Orton is played, we risk having him out for longer. If Josh McDaniels thinks that he can play, he should start him, but if he has any doubts, putting Chris Simms in would be the right move in the long run. Remember, we still have plenty of time left to take back the division even if we lose.

Key Matchups: 

Antonio Gates vs Broncos Linebackers: Last time the Broncos played the Chargers they were manhandled by Antonio Gates. If the Broncos put linebackers on Antonio Gates like they did last time, it should be an interesting matchup to watch. Hopefully, Josh McDaniels and Mike Nolan have Ty Law cover him a good amount of time but there will be situations where we see Antonio Gates going against the Broncos linebacking core. Watch out for it.

Tyler Polumbus vs Shawne Merriman: Tyler Polumbus who has not started many games in his career, will have his handful tomorrow as the Chargers will try to pick on him using Shawne Merriman. Obviously the weaker tackle compared to Clady, Shawne Merriman will blitz that side often especially because it is Chris Simmss’ blindside. 


Chargers 21, Broncos 17: The Broncos should and might win this one, but since I am wrong almost every week on this prediction, I am going to predict the Chargers in hopes of getting it wrong. So if I am wrong? right?… Let’s just say the Broncos are more than capable of winning this game. 

  1. mr. me permalink
    November 22, 2009 4:38 AM

    stop predicting us to loose garett

    • November 23, 2009 7:34 AM

      mr. me, my goal is to predict accurately and give people a realistic viewpoint of the game. when i predict against us, i hope i’m wrong, but i try to predict accurately.

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