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Broncos vs Redskins Game Handbook

November 14, 2009

Picture 3Well we knew the Broncos wouldn’t be perfect forever. I just kind of wish that we wouldn’t have lost two straight, after six straight wins. But on the bright side, the hell stretch is over and the Broncos won’t have as big a challenge as they have the last 5 weeks here in Washington. That said, we have to take the Redskins seriously. We’ll elaborate on that later. Enjoy!

Story Line: Kyle Orton is coming off of his first game of the season with more than one interception. In fact, he had 3. The Redskins won’t be easy either, for they have one of the leagues top ranked pass defenses. So if the Broncos aren’t able to get the running game going, then the Broncos have no hope of winning the game with only Kyle Orton.

The other story line at work is Champ Bailey playing against his old team. More than 5 years ago, he was traded to the Broncos in return for star running back Clinton Portis. Since then his career has exploded, and he’s become one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL’s history. It should be interesting to see how he plays against his old team.

Injury Report:

Broncos vs Redskins Injury Report

Josh Barrett didn’t do himself any favors playing last week, while he was only questionable last week, he is doubtful a week later, so he needs to sit this game out. Ryan Harris will have his second week out, which means that Tyler Polumbus will get the call at Right Tackle. That doesn’t do much for me, assuming that we have two offensive linemen in their first and second starts ever with the Broncos. Yikes.

Weather Report:

Click for full game report!

Weather shouldn’t be an issue this week.

Big Question: 

Q: How will the switch with Ben Hamilton at Guard work? 

A: The switch should go well. You can’t play much worse than Hamilton did last week. Russ Hochstein has been a reliable backup for years and fits the Broncos hybrid power blocking, zone blocking scheme quite well. It would surprise me if we don’t make this change permanent for the rest of the season. Albert Haynesworth won’t make it easy for him though.

Key Matchups:

Knowshon Moreno/Correll Buckhalter vs Redskins Defensive Line: The Redskins defensive line with the exception of Albert Haynesworth, is pretty weak so the Broncos run game needs to take advantage of that. Correll Buckhalter is in position to have a great game and it wouldn’t surprise me if Knowshon Moreno had a few touchdowns. If they can’t get the run game going though, it could be disastrous for the Broncos Offense. 

Santana Moss vs Champ Bailey: Champ Bailey should eat Santana Moss this week. 🙂 Santana Moss can’t take a hit and with Champ Bailey being the best tackling Cornerback in the NFL right now, Moss should be scared out of his wits. If Champ Bailey can keep up with him, Moss should be ready for some tough hits. 

Josh McDaniels vs Kyle Orton: Josh McDaniels did no favors for Kyle Orton with his play calling last week. This shouldn’t at all be a matchup and it won’t if McDaniels isn’t afraid to push Orton a little bit and have him throw a few more down the field passes. If not, Kyle Ortons biggest opponent will probably be his own coach… Sadly.


Broncos 27, Redskins 10: This could be a tougher game than i think, but if the Broncos can have some solid play calling and get the run game going, then it should be a blowout. If they don’t… Then they will have a tough time.


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