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Scouting Report: J.D Walton

November 13, 2009

J.D Walton, C, Baylor, 6’2, 300 lbs

Strengths: Good size, bulk … Very tough … Plays with a nasty demeanor … Gets very physical with other opponents … A valuable asset in the run game … Stout at the point of attack … Is a leader … Very aware of the defense, great instincts … Hard worker … Durable.

Weaknesses: Isn’t much of an athlete … Doesn’t move well laterally … Is strong, but sometimes can get pushed around … Doesn’t pop off the line … Has filled his frame, won’t get bigger … Doesn’t have much upside.

Overview: If all you want is a Center who will be decent his entire career, but never a star, I can’t recommend anyone higher than J.D Walton. In fact, I don’t see much of a risk with this pick. He will either be one of the top backup Centers in the NFL, or a starter who might bounce around the league a few years, but not make much of an impact. If you want a star Center though, he’s not your guy.

2nd to 3rd rounder

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