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Broncos vs Steelers Game Handbook

November 8, 2009

Orton vs RavensWe are in the final game of the Broncos “hell stretch” and it couldn’t come in more competitive form then against the defending Super Bowl champions on Monday Night football. The Steelers are in the midst of a serious battle to control the division and if the Broncos lose tomorrow, they might have to enter one. Here’s everything you need to know about Mondays’ matchup:

Story Line: The Broncos are coming off of their first loss of the season against the Baltimore Ravens. For the first time this season, the Broncos don’t feel like they are the clear cut division winners, and if they don’t win tomorrow night, then there will be serious questions about the teams talent.

The second story line is whether or not Safety Ryan Clark will play in the Monday Night Matchup. According to Jason La Canfora, a final decision has yet to have been made by Steelers coach Mike Tomlin but at this point it seems unlikely that he will play. Clark suffers from a serious form of the sickle-cell trait, that prevents him from playing at high altitudes. Santonio Holmes also has the trait, but it is not nearly as serious.

Injury Report:

Broncos vs Steelers Injury Report

Losing Ryan Harris is a bit upsetting, but Tyler Polumbus looked decent last week, and if he keeps it up, we can hopefully prevent some of the big pressure that the Steelers will be sending. Josh Barrett won’t be 100% but expect him to get a small amount of playing time. On the other hand, we have no idea what is going on with Peyton Hillis. If we find out, we’ll tell you.

Weather Report: 

Click for full game report!

Weather shouldn’t have any noticeable effect on the game. 

Big Question:

Q: Will Ben Roethlisberger run the no huddle offense? 

A: Hopefully, no. It seems that Big Ben is trying to run the no huddle offense every week, but it would make more sense then ever against the Broncos. Last week the Ravens prove that the Broncos are very vulnerable to a no-huddle offense, and the Steelers would be smart to use it here. If Roethlisberger shows that he is capable of running it, they should. But for our sakes, let’s hope he doesn’t.

Key Matchups: 

Broncos Offensive Line vs James Harrison: James Harrison is one of the best in the NFL when it comes to putting pressure on Quarterbacks. The Broncos offensive line is in a slump of sorts, and will need to step up their game if they want to stop James Harrison for manhandling Kyle Orton, because if we give him the opportunity, he will.

Elvis Dumervil vs Max Starks: This should be a big game for Elvis Dumervil against one of the weakest starting Left Tackles in the NFL. Max Starks does nothing for me, and should be beaten up by one of the best pass rushing linebackers in the NFL. If they play Dumervil correctly this week, then Starks should be letting up a lot of sacks today even with Roethlisbergers’ great mobility. 

Eddie Royal vs Steelers Special Teams: The Steelers are well known for their weakness in Special Teams Defense. If Eddie Royal sees one open hole in their Special Teams coverage, then he could break a big one. If the Broncos have proven anything the last two games, special teams can be the difference between a win and a loss, and maybe they can prove it yet again against Pittsburgh.


Broncos 17, Steelers 24: This would be a big disappointment because the Broncos can win this game, but the Steelers are at this point the better team. If we can put proper pressure on Roethlisberger we might win this game, but I honestly don’t see us beating them tomorrow night. It’s possible, but unlikely. 


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