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Broncos Lose First Game of the Season vs Ravens.

November 1, 2009

petersonEveryone knew that the Broncos were eventually going to have to lose a game, but even after the great start to the season, it still hurts. The Broncos traveled to Baltimore this week to play the Ravens at MIT Bank Stadium. Two words to describe it? Not pretty.

The Ravens perfectly countered our seemingly unstoppable defense to score 30 points behind QB Joe Flacco. Our offense on the other hand looked horrible, as they wouldn’t take any risks against a pretty easy Ravens secondary. This was the kind of game where we should have had more vertical passing but instead we didn’t take advantage of any opportunities. Read on so we can recap the 30-7 loss in Baltimore.

broncosbarOffense: Kyle Orton didn’t make any huge mistakes today, but he didn’t make any plays whatsoever. He completed 24 of 37 passes for a bit more than 150 yards but didn’t have any Touchdowns. In the first half he threw for negative yards and in the second half, he was only able to lead one drive down the field. 

A lot of the problems were related to play calling though. In the first half when we would have up to 15 yards to go for a new set of downs, the Broncos wouldn’t throw the ball more than 5 yards. Conservative play calling can be good, but if you aren’t going to take any risks then you can’t expect to win. The Ravens on offense did take risks, and it worked. That’s why we lost.

The running game was pretty good in the first half with a dominant Knowshon Moreno, but in the second half it was nothing to be admired. Moreno was on track for a great game until he started the second half. He had a touchdown, but nothing else positive. 

Correll Buckhalter looked really weak, but again that was due to play calling also. Now, I don’t want to push all the blame onto the coaching and Josh McDaniels but it had a huge hand. Another reason we didn’t look as good was because of the protection by the O-Line.

After Ryan Harris left for the rest of the game, our Offensive Line totally broke down to pressure. We couldn’t block on screen plays either which took away one of the bigger dimensions to our Offense. Had we had some better play calling and blocking, this could realistically have been an offensive win. Nonetheless, we clearly need to make some adjustments.


Tough to really describe this one, so I am going to give bullet points. 🙂 

  • Couldn’t put pressure on Flacco.
  • André Goodman is going to want to kill himself.
  • Renaldo Hill wasn’t much help.
  • Brian Dawkins looked fired up but couldn’t do it by himself.
  • Special Teams defense was horrible. Fire Mike Priefer.

And that’s pretty much it. 

broncosbarEven the best teams lose games. We were never going to go undefeated. We probably never will. That said, we still have a legitimate shot no matter what haters say. 

Enjoy your week Broncos fans. The hell stretch is almost over. We’ll see you next week in Pittsburgh, and until then visit Bronco Madness for the latest Broncos beat.

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