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Scouting Report: Trevard Lindley

October 27, 2009

Trevard Lindley, CB, Kentucky

Strengths: Good size for a Cornerback … Very competitive … Makes Wide Receivers change their routes … Has excellent ball skills … Decent hands … Anticipates routes well … Plays well in press coverage … A huge playmaker.

broncosbarWeaknesses: He needs to gain some weight but has the frame where he could do that … Weak in zone coverage … Not very fast on the field … Doesn’t have good timed speed either … Needs to jam receivers at the Line.


Overview: Trevard Lindley doesn’t have good physical attributes but is every poor route runners worse nightmare. He makes you change your route and anticipates it well also. Lindley always puts himself in position to have an interception and his good hands helps him get lots of interceptions. Lindley won’t be drafted in the first round, but could easily be a steal in the mid-rounds. 

3stars2nd-3rd rounder

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