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Oh Richard Seymour, You Make Me Laugh.

October 22, 2009

Picture 1I like it when NFL stars, give their team unreasonably high expectations, that everyone knows they can’t, and will not meet. For instance when Kevin Smith predicted that his Lions, the previously 0-16 Lions, would be a “surprise team” and make the playoffs, I about fell out of my chair laughing.

But-that might have been a bit more reasonable than this absolutely ridiculous prediction by recently required Raiders Defensive End, Richard Seymour. Seymour today on a Cincinnati Sports Talk Radio Station said this about his 2-4 Oakland Raiders:

“You can mark it down. The Raiders will be in the playoffs.” He told the hosts. 

Wow. I have a strong feeling we won’t being seeing that this year. Or the next year. Or the year after that. We will give Seymour the benefit of the doubt though. The host, asked if the Raiders would make the playoffs, and he wanted a yes or no answer. What was Seymour supposed to say but yes?

Here’s the thing: Anything can happen in the NFL. When the Falcons and the Dolphins both made it to the post-season last year, it opened the door for scads of laughable predictions by players and coaches alike. 

I’m all for optimism from players, whether it is the Broncos or not. Some players like Seymour though, are better off just keeping their mouths shut.

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