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Jay Who?

October 12, 2009

Cutler vs OrtonI will be honest with you, I do not like Jay Cutler. I am extremely bitter about him forcing his way out of Denver. I don’t wish him to fail in Chicago, but I do want to see one thing, and that is to see Kyle Orton play better than him. I won’t mind if Jay Cutler has a good career as a Bear, as long as Kyle Orton has a better career as a Bronco. Call me bitter. I am.

It looks like I might get what I want though. Kyle Orton has had an amazing season as a Denver Bronco while Jay Cutler has been good. He hasn’t been bad, but he hasn’t been great. Chicago brought him in to be great, and he hasn’t been great.

On the other hand, the Broncos only asked Kyle Orton to be good, and he has been great. So as you can see, Orton is exceeding expectations and Jay Cutler is falling short. Just look at the stats:


Jay Cutler

Kyle Orton

Kyle Orton

The only category where Kyle Orton isn’t as good as Jay Cutler is Touchdowns. (Disclaimer: Jay Cutler has only played 4 games. Orton has played 5). Don’t let the disclaimer fool you though, Orton has been better than Cutler. He is also winning more games. Cutler has a 3-1 record, which isn’t bad at all, but Kyle Orton is 5-0. Hmm…

I think it is fair to say that Kyle Orton has played better than Jay Cutler so far. But does that make him the better QB? That is where the real questions come into play. It’s been five months since we last looked at the twos’ skill sets. Let’s take another look now that we know a bit more about the two players. 

  • Arm Accuracy: Kyle Orton has improved a lot in his accuracy since he started working with Josh McDaniels. When he throws the deep ball, it isn’t very accurate, but he is very sharp on short passes and rarely will miss a pass. He has also shown that he is especially good with his glove off. Jay Cutler is at the same level of accuracy that he showed last year. He isn’t at all inaccurate and actually is one of the best at the game when throwing the deep pass. Nonetheless, he only has okay accuracy overall. Edge: Kyle Orton
  • Arm Strength: It’s totally inaccurate to say that Kyle Orton has a noodle arm. Yesterday, he threw a 65 yard hail mary into the end zone. But he will never have a rocket arm, and no matter how much we defend his arm, it won’t be as good as Cutlers. Cutler has one of the best arms I have ever seen. When it comes out of his hand, it just flies. Not many coaches see a QB with the physical talent that Cutler does. Edge: Jay Cutler
  • Pocket Presence: Kyle Orton has had his pocket presence improve this year, but he still will look weak in pocket sometimes. He doesn’t necessarily command the field from the pocket, like some other great QB’s. Jay Cutler though, shows very great pocket presence. In his purest essence, he is a Pocket Quarterback. He plays tall and just watching him, you see whenever he stands in the pocket, he emphasizes himself. Edge: Jay Cutler
  • Decision Making: Orton has shown impeccable decision making this year as a Bronco. When he threw 12 interceptions last year, his decision making was still in question and after starting working with Josh McDaniels, he has become one of the best decision makers in the game and tied for the least interceptions in the NFL. Jay Cutler still has poor decision making and throws interception after interception after interception. He has not looked good at decision making this year… In fact, he looks worse than last. Edge: Kyle Orton

I’m going to end it there. Here is the thing: They are totally different Quarterbacks. It all depends on what your philosophy is to say who is the better QB. We can only look at statistics to prove our points, and after looking at them, I can safely say that Kyle Orton is the better Quarterback. Will he always be better? Probably not. 

We will always compare Jay Cutler and Kyle Orton. Always. But Broncos fans can sleep well at night knowing that Kyle Orton is doing well. In fact, he’s doing great. But I’m still not going to forget about Jay Cutler. Despite the title. 🙂

Jay Cutler

  1. Jon Krause permalink
    October 12, 2009 4:50 PM

    “he only has okay accuracy overall” i dont think so, JMHO Arm Accuracy i think is JC’s

    “Yesterday, he threw a 65 yard hail mary into the end zone” it was more like the 3…

    lol sorry for acting like i tryed 2 pick apart ur post lol
    i think Cutler is better, but right now i love Kyle


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