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Broncos vs Patriots Game Handbook

October 10, 2009

Picture 3Welcome to game two of the hell stretch. The Broncos this week will be challenging the New England Patriots at home as they hope to advance their record to 5-0. If we do win this, there is nothing critics can say about this, but the good news, is that it isn’t a must win.

Story Line: Josh McDaniels will be playing against his former team where he spent 7 years going from a Personnel Assistant to an Offensive Coordinator. Now he is the head coach of the Denver Broncos and will be going head to head with his former boss and mentor Bill Belichick.

Usually Bill Belichick holds grudges against past pupils but so far he has had only nice things to say about McDaniels. Like I have said multiple times, I don’t want any bad relationships with the best head coach in football. Belichick has been known to stick it too players and coaches he doesn’t like. 

Another big story line is Knowshon Moreno and his first ever start as a Denver Bronco. I’d like to say it is because he out played Correll Buckhalter but actually it is because Buckhalter is out with an ankle injury. Moreno has done very well playing side by side to Buckhalter but now he is the go to guy and he needs to take advantage of it.


Injury Report:

injury report 

Buckhalter and Larsen are not going to play and will probably be put on the inactive list. Brian Dawkins hasn’t played at all this week but the consensus says that he will start on Sunday. That said, I doubt he will be at 100%. Alphonso Smith should be back but I don’t expect to see him out on the field too much.


Weather Report:

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It might be a little chilly, but will be pretty good football weather. It shouldn’t have that much of an effect on the showdown.


Key Matchups:

Tom Brady vs Champ Bailey: Last week Tony Romo really tested Champ Bailey and payed for it. It should be interesting to see if one of the best QB’s of the decade tests one of the best Cornerbacks of the decade. If he does, it could be tricky for Champ Bailey to control their offense. If Brady is smart though, he will make this matchup virtually non-existent.

Broncos Interior Line vs Vince Wilfork: The Broncos interior Offensive Line last week looked really poor with the absence of Ben Hamilton and the slightly injured Chris Kuper. If Hamilton does return though, his work will be cut out for him against Vince Wilfork, who is still one of the best Defensive Tackles in the game. 

Josh McDaniels vs Bill Belichick: The apprentice versus the master. This should be one of the most fun coaching battles of the season. These two great coaches call plays like nobodies business and we should see a couple of fun play calling this week. I can’t wait to watch this mental battle between McD and Belichick. 



Broncos 27, Patriots 31: The Broncos can win this game, but if my predictions are correct, we will probably lose. It doesn’t mean we are a bad team and it doesn’t mean we won’t be able to make the playoffs, but it seems unlikely to me that we will be able to beat such an established, well rounded team as the Patriots.

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