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Broncos Make Sports Illustrated Cover. Help Us?

October 7, 2009

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Nah, I’m kidding. I have never and will never believe in the SI Cover Curse. Now, I will not say that I don’t believe any of these cover curses. (I am a sucker for the Madden Curse. It’s not like the past results lie.)

The Broncos made the Sports Illustrated Cover this week and I have to say that I am glad to see them finally getting some publicity from the main stream media. And the truth is, it doesn’t come much more mainstream than Sports Illustrated. 

For the past 9-10 years, we have been ignored by the mainstream media as a meaningless franchise, much like the Tennessee Titans and Buffalo Bills, even though like them, we have had a marginal amount of success. Unlike teams like the Bengals who throughout mediocrity are coveted and prized, we need to go 4-0 to get any respect and attention.

That is why when the Broncos are put on the cover of a major sports magazine and are getting attention and accolades, we should be happy, despite whatever “curses” there are looming over us. We are a good enough team that we can beat these silly superstitions and be a playoff team. Who’s our competition? The Chargers? I don’t see them 4-0. In fact, last time I checked they are 2-2.

Don’t let the curse get to you fans. And Josh McDaniels, don’t let it get to your team either. 

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