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Broncos Advance To 4-0 Against Dallas

October 4, 2009

Picture 2The Broncos even after going 3-0 at the start of the seasons had a flurry of questions surrounding them, questioning their Defense, their coaching, their QB. The criticisms from both the media and the team themselves were endless. But a lot of those questions were answered tonight. 

Dallas, who going into the game were 2-1, were the favorites obviously but that didn’t mean that the Broncos wouldn’t contend. Some picked the Broncos, but the majority chose the Cowboys and their “flawless” run game. Yet the Broncos ended that flawlessness, and instead won the game 17-10 (only 3 points away from what I thought it would be.) 

Here is a closer look on both the Broncos offensive and defensive side of the ball:


Kyle Orton had arguably his best game ever in a Broncos uniform. He completed 20 of 29 passes for for 243 yards and 2 touchdowns. It was in every definition of the word, an elite performance. That said, he was having trouble with accuracy on the deep ball. That is probably due to the glove and the constant changes with his hand and its injury. Overall he was very good though.

Picture 3

Our two headed running monster, Around & Pound, or the Orange Rush, or Mount Buckmore, wasn’t as good as usual, but was solid even with Buckhalter leaving with an ankle injury. We haven’t had any confirmation yet on the severity of the injury. I’m guessing he’s out two weeks but we will still hope for the best. 

Knowshon Moreno got it done on the ground with a limited number of carries, but he still wasn’t able to convert in key, short yardage situations. That was disappointing, as well as the fumble he had on the first play of the 3rd quarter, but he still finished with 65 yards on 14 carries. He also had a touchdown reception in the first half.

Oh and BRANDON MARSHALL IS BACK! And in the best of ways may I add. He wasn’t able to break the 100 yard barrier, but he still had 91 yards on 4 catches and a touchdown. On the other hand, Eddie Royal isn’t back yet. He still has been struggling to put up any receiving yards. For the player who was supposed benefit the most with Josh McDaniels, he really hasn’t.

The Offensive Line was good on the outside but kept letting pressure come through the interior. That is of course due to the injuries we have right now to Ben Hamilton among others but it is nice news to hear that Ryan Clady broke his record and played so well against Cowboys sack master DeMarcus Ware. 


The defense put on quite the performance today, and overmatched the Cowboys offense all day long. We kept their entire running game from reaching 100 yards total and their running backs couldn’t even reach 50 yards individually. We had a couple of impact performances by certain players in particular though. 

D.J Williams probably had more of an impact than anyone else today. He had 8 tackles, a sack and fumble recovery that put us in place to score. He was all over the field and showed why he was our defenses best player last year and still is one of the best.

Champ Bailey also had a great performance today, and I have never seen him tested like he was. Obviously, teams are forgetting how great Champ Bailey is. They are forgetting the 8 Pro Bowls, the 44 career interceptions and the rule of thumb that you don’t throw it anywhere near him. The Cowboys forgot all of that and instead tested him. It resulted in 8 tackles and an Interception. Good work CB!

Elvis Dumervil had another great day, bringing the sack count up to 8.0 and putting pressure on Tony Romo all day. I am really surprised about how well he is fitting into Mike Nolans’ new defense. The current single season sack record is 22. If Elvis Dumervil keeps up this exact rate, he will have 32 sacks this year. Enough said.

My one complaint on the day is that we weren’t playing press coverage on the slow Cowboys Wide Receivers. That would have been helpful and probably stopped a couple of Tony Romo completions. I’m not going to whine though assuming that we didn’t allow a Touchdown from him. Great work overall form this defense!

broncosbarOverall good performance, and the MSM can eat some crow this week. We’re going against Josh McDaniels old team, the New England Patriots this week, so get ready for some interesting story lines leading up to the game. We’ll keep you posted on all the news this week. Go Broncos!!!

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  1. October 4, 2009 8:00 PM

    it was good win guy, I think but offence was corny with penalty mistake ofence need to do better yes. no mistake. should .win by more. almost give game away like this and that was foul cause they could not stop.

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