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Broncos vs Cowboys Game Handbook

October 3, 2009

Picture 3After its two week hiatus, the Bronco Madness game handbook is back! The Broncos have entered a 5 game stretch (not including by week) that will truly test the legitimacy of this 2009 team. Today we take a look at a game that the Broncos could in fact win through this stretch, against the Cowboys. 

Story Line: Ryan Clady last week tied an all time record for the longest stretch of games without letting up a sack at the start of players career. This week, he will be challenged to try to break the record. Actually, every single game he doesn’t let up a sack, he gets closer and closer to breaking the record for any player, at any time of their career.

But as I am sure Ryan Clady would tell you, nothing is certain, especially since he is going up against sack master DeMarcus Ware who led the league in sacks last year.

Another story line is kicker Matt Prater. Matt Prater has had a relatively successful start to the season and according to is the leading man for the September Player of the Month Awards for Special Teams. It should be interesting to see if he can start the new month with the same success he did last month and not the same slump as last year.



It looks unlikely that Ben Hamilton will play assuming that he did not participate once this week. I am not sure why on earth they would play him when he is this fragile. Kenny McKinley seems to have caught the flu or some other cold, but I expect him to play. Peyton Hillis has been getting healthier and healthier. On Wednesday he did not participate, on Thursday he was limited, and on Friday he practiced fully. Expect him to get a lot of time. 

broncosbarWeather Report:

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Not much to see here. It might rain, but that would be the only impact that weather would have on the game.

broncosbarKey Matchups:

Jason Witten vs Broncos Linebackers: This overall is the Broncos first great defensive test. But for the Linebackers, it is their first big test against an elite Tight End. Previously they have played two no names in Cincinnati and Cleveland and in Oakland played only Zach Miller. There is nothing exciting there, so it should be interesting to see how they handle Jason Witten.

An Unstoppable Force Meets an Immovable Object: That is probably the best way I can describe DeMarcus Ware against Ryan Clady. The best pass rusher in the NFL versus the best Tackle in the NFL. This is going to be awesome! Actually, this entire Offensive Line is going to be tested by Ware, and I wouldn’t be surprised that if he can’t get past Clady, they will move him onto Ryan Harris. 

Cowboys Running Game vs Broncos Defensive Line: I thought about a week ago that I would say the Cowboys would run all over our Defensive Line. That’s before our Defensive Line started looking so good and their Running Backs started looking so… injured. This is key. The most important thing to the game actually and the Broncos have to take advantage of it. 

broncosbarMy Prediction: Broncos 14, Cowboys 10. I really hope this happens. The Cowboys have a lot of talent, but I think their run game and their sack game will be shut down and we will force the team to be one dimensional. On the other hand, I think the Broncos will play a strong ball controlling game as always, and finally get the praise they deserve. I’m looking at you Jamie Dukes. 

  1. October 3, 2009 6:41 AM

    so 63 degress and partly cloudy is the injury report? lol i’d double check that ;D

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