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Broncos “Orange” Crush The Raiders, 23-3

September 28, 2009

Picture 2“THERE WAS A METHOD TO JOSH MCDANIELS’ MADNESS.” Deion Sanders said on todays episode of NFL Network highlights. Those were the words I had been waiting to listen to all off-season long. And yes, Jamie Dukes, you may suck on our 3-0 record. 

Now we are done with the easy portion of our schedule and will be playing the harder teams. This includes the defending Super Bowl champions, Josh McDanielss’ former team and many other playoff contenders. But we are quiet, unexpected, and dominant. Here’s a in depth analysis of todays game on both Offense and Defense.


Kyle Orton continued to be sharp this week, as it was his third straight game without a turnover. He threw for 155 yards and 1 touchdown to none other than Brandon Marshall. I was impressed by his performance yet again and feel more and more confident in him every week. Josh McDaniels is doing wonders with him and I can’t wait to see him against some tougher teams.

As for our running game, we are looking pretty impressive. Correll Buckhalter is a big play guy, as he ran for over 100 yards on only 14 carries. On the other hand though, we have Knowshon Moreno who is more of a workhorse back. He didn’t have as many yards as Buckhalter coming in a bit under 100, but he did have a touchdown that sealed the deal for the Broncos.

The fact that we don’t need to throw it as much as we did last year is really exciting. We can run the ball, and then just pass a little bit here and there. We are playing control football and it is enjoyable watching a QB who doesn’t throw Interceptions on every drive. 

Brandon Marshall was our leading receiver as he caught for 65 yards and a touchdown. It looked like he actually cared a bit out there which is definitely an improvement over last week where he lost virtually lost in Josh McDaniels offense. 


With every single game it looks like the defense is getting closer and closer to the famous “orange crush” defense. In our last two games we have let up 9 points and not a single Touchdown. A lot of this is due to the pressure we are putting on the opposing QB’s and we continued that against the Raiders this week. It was great to watch.

Elvis Dumervil put up another 2 sacks coming off of a 4 sack game. Darrell Reid had a sack also and Jamarcus Russell looked uncomfortable against our Defensive Line. That resulted in him throwing two interceptions to our Defensive Backs. 

That brings me to our Defensive Backs play which was of course awesome. But our two best Defensive Backs, Brian Dawkins and Champ Bailey weren’t the ones making the plays this time. Instead, André Goodman and Renaldo Hill were the ones picking off passes from Jamarcus Russell. They also returned both picks for both over 10 yards. 

It should also be noted that both Mario Haggan and D.J Williams forced fumbles on the Raiders. Also, Robert Ayers had his first sack of the season. Will he ever get any good playing time? Every single day he looks more and more and more like a bust.

Our defense in total forced 3 fumbles on running back Darren McFadden in total. 

broncosbarThe Broncos are going against the Cowboys next week. It’s a winnable but tough game. I’m excited to watch, so stay tuned here to Bronco Madness for the latest word on next weeks game. 

  1. Jon Krause permalink
    September 28, 2009 9:03 AM

    Doom is showing people why he is my fav player, and hey, didn’t I say Marsh would be fine??

  2. Jon Krause permalink
    September 28, 2009 3:01 PM

    “Robert Ayers had his first sack of the season.” really? where to you get that? i didnt notice and cant find the stat

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