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Getting Ready for Knowshon

September 23, 2009

kmorenoI have a feeling. The Broncos are playing the Raiders this week and I couldn’t be pumped up more to see this team in action against the first competitive Raiders team in ages. For a team whose star Defensive End doesn’t want to play and a coach who is under assault charges, I am going to be pretty honest with you: they are pretty good. But I digress…

Back to my feeling. This feeling, is a good one. It is a feeling that we are going to have success this week. This success will be on the shoulders of a player we all want to see succeed though. First round pick Knowshon Moreno, I think all Broncos fans need to get ready to see him have a big game-a break out game. 

After his knee injury from the pre-season he has looked a bit rusty. In his first game he averaged 2.4 yards per carry. Luckily last week he bounced back against the Browns, and ran for 74 yards. He almost broke one for a touchdown even. This week in my opinion, he is going to have a bigger game. Moreno I think will rack up over 100 yards and a touchdown.

A rookie of the week performance. 

Since we have drafted him, I have made it clear that I think he will be this years rookie of the year. I even made a prediction that Robert Ayers might join him as the Defensive Rookie of the year. Wishful thinking, huh? Moreno has the blend of size/speed/and moves that will make him a star in the NFL and it is time that he displays those skills for the first time in a Broncos uniform.

That will be this week against the Raiders. Actually, I think that McDaniels may have been warming him up for this game. Nothing would boost McD’s standing among Broncos fans then a win against their arch rivals. If his first round pick puts on a star performance too, suddenly McDaniels looks a lot more popular than he did at the beginning.

Now I am not guaranteeing Moreno will have this type of a game. It will not be easy. The Raiders defense has improved a lot, but after watching some film of them, something strikes me. The Raiders defensive line may be good against the pass, but their run defense is horrible. Just take one look at their statistics and you will see this. The Raiders defense is averaging 124 run yard per game allowed. That’s not good.

I think that Moreno and Buckhalter will be in for a big game. With Moreno running the ball as the lead man, and Buckhalter contributing too, I could see them getting around 175 yards. 

We need to see a sign that the Broncos aren’t just having a flash against some bad teams. We need to see a part of the game on offense, that proves that this team is very capable of being competitive. That should come this week with the new focal point of the offense: Knowshon Moreno. 


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