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Broncos Dive Into a Win.

September 20, 2009

Picture 5I think this is one of those games that is just meant to be won. As the Broncos had their first home game of the season and Shannon Sharpes’ ring of  fame induction, Shannon Sharpe skydived into Invesco Field at the beginning of the game to celebrate. You can’t lose the game after a beginning like that.  

And there is no doubt that, that Josh McDaniels has so far done a great job of coaching this team. My expectations haven’t changed for the team this year, but I still think we should soak in the wins while we can. I don’t see the rest of the season being so bright. Even if we won the game by a 21 point margin, 27-6. 



Kyle Orton had another solid game as a Denver Bronco as he avoided making key mistakes (no interceptions or sacks in certain situations) and put points up on the board. While he played solid with a QB rating of over 80.0, it didn’t keep the boos out of Denver in the first half as he failed to convert on a 3rd down conversion.

Knowshon Moreno and Correll Buckhalter both had promising games, especially Buckhalter who ran for more yards than Moreno on 8 less carries. Buckhalter also broke a way a 45 yard run for a Touchdown in the fourth Quarter. Don’t let it take away from Morenos’ success though, he is learning quickly and recovering well too.

Eddie Royal has been a bit shaken up the last two games, so he hasn’t been making the impact he should be, and Brandon Marshall hasn’t been giving a good enough effort. That means that the ball has mainly been thrown to Brandon Stokley and Jabar Gaffney who both made up for the other twos failures. Stokley had over 70 yards on 5 catches and Gaffney had 82 on 3. 

Peyton Hillis, who fumbled a kick return earlier in the game, made up for it, as he ran 1 yard for a Touchdown taking a win out of reach for the Browns. I am telling you this kid is a star! Even if he fumbles a kick return. 



Elvis Dumervil was easily the star of the day, as he forced a fumble and had 4.0 sacks! It was absolutely amazing! The rest of the defense fed off of his great day and showed how successful they could be under the careful eye of Mike Nolans’ 3-4 defense. I see Demarcus Ware just radiating off of Elvis Dumervil, and think he will be a powerhouse this year. 

While players like Andra Davis are playing very well, also and D.J Williams is being a great leader on this defense also, wakes of the word bust are trailing behind Robert Ayers who has yet to have a tackle for the Broncos or even touch the field. 

Also, Don’t forget the rookie Darcel McBath (who I still don’t liike) but had a nice Interception late in the game to clench victory against the Browns. There isn’t much more to say but that the Broncos defense looked more like the orange crush than whatever they were last year and have some good years ahead of them behind Mike Nolan.


I’m glad to see that our team is improving with each and every game. We have shown a lot of promise these last weeks and as we start to play tougher and tougher teams we are going to need to feed off of each win. Next week, we will be playing the Chiefs Raiders, and Bronco Madness will have you covered through out the week. 


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