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Broncos Enter The Jungle, Come Out With a Win.

September 13, 2009

Picture 5Wow. I’m trembling. When all was done and the Broncos had won their first game of the 2009 NFL season, my adrenaline was higher than it had ever been watching a football game. I mean, I thought the game was over. Really, it was over. But a tipped pass to Brandon Marshall from Kyle Orton resulted in Brandon Stokley catching the ball and running it over 80 yards for a Touchdown.

In the first Broncos game coached by someone other than Mike Shanahan for 14 years, we came out on top and I think Shanahan is smiling a bit at the success of new head coach Josh McDaniels. It was definitely the greatest opening game in the history of the Denver Broncos and will probably rank among the greatest games of all time. Or at least the play will. 

It’s no secret that the Bengals seem to have constant bad luck when playing the Broncos. Last time we played in 2006, all they had to do was score a field goal, but the long snapper screwed up and the snap and the Broncos recovered the ball, destroying the Bengals chances for the win. Their luck was no better this time around.

The game will be called a fluke. Jamie Dukes has already gone out there and said that it was one. He also added that “if Jay Cutler had been there they would have scored 40-50 more points.” Right…

But don’t let those critics bother you. We deserved the win. It was not only luck. There was a lot of teamwork involved in that play and the awareness that Brandon Stokley showed towards the end of the play built new found respect for him by Broncos fans.

Let’s take a look at how we played: 



Apart from “the immaculate deflection” as our friends at are calling it, the offense was filled with holes, flaws and displayed all sorts of weaknesses. 

Until the fateful pass was thrown, Kyle Orton barely had above a 70.0 passer rating and only completed around half of his passes. That said, he didn’t have any interceptions and stayed relatively mistake free through the game. The players who showed the majority of the mistakes were the Wide Receivers who dropped pass after pass. 

koCorrell Buckhalter looked very good, and averaged above 5.0 yards per carry. I thought that we should have kept him in more than we did. 

At times, Knowshon Moreno looked nice out there but he had some opening day jitters I think as well as some lasting effects from his injury. My other complaint with him, is that he looked fragile out there and I thought he should have just shaken off that one hit he had earlier in the game. I still think that he will have a good season and be a strong focus point for this offense.

Brandon Marshall looked like he didn’t care much out there at the beginning of the game. Towards the end though, he seemed to get a bit more into it. Nonetheless, I still expect him to finish under 600 yards receiving this season.

Finally, I am worried about Eddie Royal. It’s nothing against his play but how other defenses are handling him. He is our best receiver out there. Period. Last year we were able to spread the ball between him and Brandon Marshall because neither team could have double coverage on either of them. Now they can put the double coverage on Royal, and it is a major weakness.



Defense a strength? Awesome. Our front seven looked great! We were putting pressure on Carson Palmer constantly and only a couple of times let Cedric Benson break a run for more than a few yards. It was the best I have seen this front 7 play since our 13-3 team. It was spectacular and very promising. 

The surprising part was our secondary. They are not all that they are cracked up to be and I can’t help but feel that the excellent Champ Bailey is losing a step or two. That said, he still had some very good plays through the game including a tipped pass to Chad Ochocinco that ended in an interception by Linebacker Wesley Woodyard. 

Ronald Fields seemed to plug up the holes well and running down the middle was rarely an option for the Bengals. 

An intriguing player though is cornerback André Goodman. I loved the signing of him almost as much as Brian Dawkins and he had some good plays today but he also let some up. Will he a great number 2 Cornerback ala the late Darrent Williams or will be a total bust like Dre’ Bly. It really is an interesting question that I for one don’t know yet.

caldwelldownBut we’ll find out.

Two Linebackers who I thought played well were Andra Davis and Mario Haggan. Andra Davis finished second in tackles for today behind Brian Dawkins with 7 tackles and a huge sack for 10 yards. Mario Haggan also looked pretty good with 3 tackles, an assist, and a sack. He could be a big steal with his recent contract extension. 

Last but not least was rookie Alphonso Smith who stretched the field very well with 5 tackles, one of which was for a loss. He also deflected a pass by Carson Palmer. The one player who we didn’t see was Robert Ayers who didn’t have one tackle. I didn’t even see him out on the field today. Bust? Knock on wood.

broncosbarEnjoy the win folks! We’re doing a total sweep of Ohio and will be in Cleveland next week to take on the Browns. Stay tuned to Bronco Madness throughout the week for all of the latest news and rumors on the Broncos. 

Oh and how could I forget. Here is the video of Brandon Stokleys epic catch:

  1. mr. me permalink
    September 13, 2009 3:17 PM

    good ‘D’ lucky ‘O’ hey mr barnes i was looking forward 2 “more coming sunday” in the playbook notin happend 😦 hey check out my song course:
    *sing 2 tone of jingle bells:

    “jinkle bells, phillip smells, orton layed an egg!”

    • September 13, 2009 3:27 PM

      Yeah that was my bad. I thought the game was at 4:00 not 1:00. and since i am pacific time, i didn’t have enough time in the morning lol. i’ll have it all up on saturday next week.

      • Jon Krause permalink
        September 13, 2009 3:29 PM

        oh awesome was wondering

  2. Jon Krause permalink
    September 13, 2009 3:28 PM

    sorry Garrett, but I also said if we’d had cutler it woulda been 35-10…

  3. Jon Krause permalink
    September 13, 2009 3:33 PM

    I dont think Bly was a “totall” bust, and i hated how our ‘O’ couldn’t score 2day >( we need 2 get on that, i aslo noticed the Royal watchers… and like i said on twitter, Stokley is a very smart vet, remember the gloves things, or should i say the lack of glove penalties against the Browns last year, hey Browns! let’s let ’em have it Sunday

  4. Michael Torres permalink
    September 13, 2009 5:59 PM

    I disagree with you about the Offense. I thought they actually looked pretty good for a team going against Keith Rivers and Rey Maualuga.

  5. September 14, 2009 10:13 AM

    A fluke win over the bungals lol.

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