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A Lack of an Example

September 7, 2009

It’s been a little while since I sat down and wrote a good editorial. So here we go. I am going to be talking about the Richard Quinn arrest. For those of you who haven’t heard the latest update, he has been arrested for allegedly beating up his girlfriend and then physically keeping her from calling the police by taking her phone. 

He claimed that he did take the phone but it was only because she was hitting him in the face. Yeah. Right. As Pro Football cleverly pointed out, the only reason he would do that is because she was hitting him in the face with the phone. Right. Richard Quinn will likely get out of jail tomorrow when a judge is available and probably have an undisclosed settlement with the girlfriend. 

I would be surprised if there was even a suspension. But what this points out, is a bigger problem in the NFL. That is that there has not been an example set yet for domestic violence disputes. They are probably the most common form of arrests in the NFL. We have had two in the last 4 days. Do you want to know why? The players think they can get away with it.

The last two highly publicized domestic dispute cases for NFL players were Randy Moss and Brandon Marshall. Only one was charged. Neither were convicted, and only a total of one game was given as a suspension. Wow.

I will be the first to say, that players who have not gotten convicted should not be suspended. That is ludicrous to suggest otherwise. This applies especially if it is a first time offense. If it is their second or third, I would be more inclined to suspend them. The trouble is that rarely do these cases go to court. Most of the time the women just want the money.

So because of all these contributing factors, Roger Goodell has not been able to make an example out of a player in a domestic violence dispute. That’s a problem. Setting an example works. By suspending Michael Vick and Donté Stallworth for long periods of time, players in the NFL are less inclined to drive drunk and dog fight. 

That is why I encourage Roger Goodell to set an example. Sooner rather than later. Both Shawne Merriman and Richard Quinn are both young, popular players who have long, prosperous careers ahead of them in the NFL. That is why Roger Goodell must crush them. I know that sounds harsh but if he wants to make an example that would work. 

Suspend them indefinitely if/when they are convicted. If neither of them are convicted then just wait until someone does. Domestic violence is way to common in the NFL and something needs to be done.

If other players see this kind of example set, when they get that idea of resorting to physical violence to get what they want, there will be a higher likeliness of them stopping. We need more of that and Roger Goodell has to set this example. I would like to see Richard Quinn if convicted, get suspended indefinitely. I will always choose another human beings welfare over the Broncos. Always.

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  1. Jon Krause permalink
    September 10, 2009 9:46 AM

    Crush Shawne Merriman! lol, haha, nice read Garrett, sometimes you don’t feel like writing and put it off, then you do, and your like hey i love this haha doubt that is your case but happens to me

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