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Ortons’ Finger Is OK.

August 31, 2009

Picture 1Ironic that the exact same Broncos fans who vehemently opposed Kyle Orton, are the same ones that are practically praying that he is healthy right now. Kyle Orton as you all probably know suffered a finger injury in the Bears/Broncos game that drew blood. 

After conflicting reports though, the always spot on Adam Schefter is reporting that Kyle Orton and his index finger is not seriously hurt and may even be ready to return for the opening game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Adam Schefter said that “Orton suffered a strained/partially torn tendon in the finger, but should be good to go two Sundays from now.” Whew. This confirms Josh McDaniels’ comment after the game that his finger was not fractured.

broncosbarIn other news, Chris Kuper, our Right Guard who sustained what I thought was a more serious injury than Orton, will be okay as well.

Kuper suffered an ankle injury, or a lower extremity injury in the first quarter and did not return. He is undergoing more x-rays as we speak, but word on the street is that he will be ready for the home opener and like Orton will be fine.

Good news all around, stay tuned!


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