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Marshall Climbs The Depth Chart

August 25, 2009

brandonmarshallMedia pundits, (and by that we mean you Jamie Dukes), have a made a giant deal of Brandon Marshall not being number one on the Broncos depth chart. Josh McDaniels has been criticized extensively for lowering him on the depth chart even though he credited it with his injury and only the injury.

Though they can shut their mouths, now that the new, updated depth chart has been released and he is yet again the starting Wide Receiver. It also shows that their 4 receiver set includes him, Eddie Royal, Jabar Gaffney and Brandon Stokley.

Now, I will admit that I was troubled when he was playing on the scout team. That was just stupid on McDaniels part. You can read my article on that here.

Nonetheless, I also said that he would eventually start. Which he did. We can now fully expect that Marshall will be starting in this weeks game against Jay Cutler  the Bears. 

Oh and on Jamie Dukes: You have no idea how much it would please me to see him release an article expressing how he was wrong about Brandon Marshall being benched. That would really mend the relationship between him and Broncos fans. He has done almost everything possible to destroy it. 


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